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DealHub Customer Success: Lastline Gains Visibility and a Streamlined Sales Process

Lastline provides AI-powered network security solutions. The Lastline Behavioral Intelligence Program gives advanced visibility into cyber threats and provides threat analytics, allowing businesses to respond to a breach quickly and cost-effectively. With offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, Lastline has a global sales team that sells several network security solutions in a variety of verticals and channel partnerships.

DealHub CPQ Lastline streamlined sales process

The Challenge

Lastline was working from Excel spreadsheets to configure pricing and using email to send quotes. There was a lack of consistency in the quotes and documents being sent to prospects. They needed more visibility into their pricing and quoting a streamlined sales process, and a way to track buyer response.

The Solution

DealHub implemented a CPQ that is very nimble and can handle all of the different nuances in its sales process. The CPQ was up and running in minimal time, and their sales organization was able to find value very quickly. DealHub has been responsive to helping them make adjustments as business decisions necessitate changes in their pricing configuration and sales processes. Their sales team loves the look and feel of the software, the ease, and simplicity of entering information and placing a quote by hitting a button and sending an email out. DealHub has added value by helping streamline Lastline’s business. Having all sales operations in one system allowed Lastline to reduce administrative tasks and eliminate unnecessary steps in its sales process.

[Video Transcript]

Hi. I’m Rebecca Crum with Lastline. I’m the Director of Partner Programs here.

What does Lastline do?

Lastline has the best malware protection in the industry. We give advanced visibility into the threats and great threat analytics, so taking businesses to where they can respond to a breach very quickly and cost-efficiently without having to increase their security team.

How did you create quotes before using DealHub (formerly Valooto)?

As we were going to quote our product into the system, we really were working in old-school Excel spreadsheets and email, which really did work. We’ve sold a lot of product that way, but we want more visibility into it now.

How did you select DealHub?

We selected DealHub based on the people, product, and process. They have fantastic people at DealHub that have been able to answer all of our questions and they have been quick to respond. The product, itself, is very nimble and can handle all of the different nuances of how we do business. The process in which they get us up and running to be able to find value very quickly was what we like the best.

What was it like implementing DealHub?

One of the easiest integrations I’ve ever had to do is working with DealHub, actually. They’re very timely with the weekly meetings, and actionable results each week that we need to do, and you can see considerable progress from week-to-week gains. They’re willing to work with changes as business decisions come up. It’s really fast to get to value, so it’s one of the easiest integrations we’ve had to do.

How is the sales adoption with DealHub?

Our sales team is really excited to have DealHub in its pocket of tools. They love the look and feel, the ease of being able to enter the information into the system, and it’s captured in a reportable way and the simplicity of placing a quote by hitting a button and sending an email out or using the DealHub’s quote tool.

What added value does DealHub CPQ provide?

Our original scope was just to get consistency and documents going out and some visibility into our quoting processes and our sales process here at Lastline, but with DealHub, we’ve found that throughout this entire process, we’ve had an added value of streamlining our business by being able to cut out some steps that we no longer need because it’s all in one system.

Would you recommend DealHub?

I would absolutely recommend DealHub to other companies, especially someone who’s looking for a great team with a solid product that will grow with you as you change in your business needs.

We’ve enjoyed working with Lastline to help them accomplish their sales goals. It’s exciting to see their business grow and continue supporting their sales team’s requirements as their business needs evolve.

Learn how DealHub can streamline your sales process and help you achieve your revenue goals. Schedule a live demo to see DealHub in action.

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