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3 Ways to Drive B2B Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Although the B2B sales process has become much more sophisticated over the years, it has also become more complex. This has the unfortunate result of creating longer sales cycles that are rife with lengthy administrative processes and drawn-out deal negotiations.

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Without being equipped with the right tools and processes, your sales team will find it difficult to do their jobs effectively and drive revenue. For example, if your sellers are using tools that don’t connect with each other, or spend too much time performing manual administrative tasks, they’ll have difficulty closing deals efficiently and dedicating proper attention to their customers. 

The cost of sales friction is high. Reps often lose out on deals if they’re not executed in a timely manner. You may also face high turnover rates due to employee unhappiness and frustration. This unhappiness and frustration can stem from feeling ill-equipped to sell because they lack the proper tools and technology to excel in their position. 

Through years of working with clients who must contend with the high complexity of B2B sales, we’ve discovered that one of the earliest and biggest pain points is the price-quoting process.

Improving that process will not only make it easier for your sellers to sell, but will also provide your customers with a better buying experience. In this article, we reveal three ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can improve the quoting process so sales reps can deliver a better digital selling experience.

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Establish trust and credibility by sending accurate quotes quickly

By sending accurate quotes quickly, you develop trust with buyers and can improve your organization’s credibility. CPQ technology enables sales teams to send accurate quotes promptly and efficiently. Sales leaders can quickly plug in product data, configure pricing rules and strategies, and reps can start quoting. Instead of taking hours or days, by integrating CPQ with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales teams will be able to send error-free quotes within minutes. In addition, sales reps can get quote generation right the first time, without any need for further iterations.

Just as it is aggravating for buyers to wait for an accurate price quote, it’s just as aggravating and disheartening for sales reps who find it difficult to create accurate price quotes in a short amount of time due to complex calculations that slow them down. It’s even more frustrating when their credibility becomes tarnished when these quotes are sent containing errors and inaccuracies. 

With a modern CPQ, sales reps will be able to send quotes quickly to customers, establish credibility, reduce mistakes and wasted time spent on lengthy administrative tasks. You can eliminate complicated calculations that can lead to costly errors when changing quantities or applying discounts, and ensure reps are following pricing guidelines with automated approval workflows. 

CPQ technology that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM means all deal data is automatically synced with your CRM, making it easy for sales teams to create quotes, even for complex deals that have evolving products, configurations, and pricing. 

Free up your reps to focus on delivering value

Imagine this scenario: your sales reps are jumping between multiple tools that don’t work well together, they’re getting caught up in manual tasks, and they often need to repeat work due to errors or inaccuracies. All of these obstacles are taking them away from their most important role: selling. 

Resolving these issues eliminates manual tasks, administrative oversight load on sales leaders, and busywork for sales reps. By automating lengthy and error-prone tasks, sales teams can spend more time actively selling, understanding customers’ needs, and strategically communicating. Thereby allowing reps to focus on delivering value to your customers.

Here’s an example of how CPQ automation can free your reps from complicated administrative tasks so they can focus on the needs of the customers. A situation may arise where a buyer would like to see several quotes for different pricing, quantities, and products so they can make the smartest buying decision. With a powerful CPQ, you can quickly create several quote iterations (what we call “multi-dimensional pricing”). This provides your buyers with a view of different quotes and pricing for different product packages to help them make the best buying decisions for their needs. 

Deliver timely, relevant and personalized quotes

You should provide accurate and personalized information to your buyer right when they want it. With a best-in-class CPQ you can deliver quotes within minutes of a sales call, or better yet, during the call itself. 

If you don’t offer buyers the information and deal data in the appropriate amount of time, you could be frustrating and losing them to your competition. With a digital sales room, sales reps can easily provide a personalized and branded experience that is up-to-date with deal information, which can potentially change during contract negotiations or approvals. This digital sales room, where buyers and sellers can collaborate in a central location, provides them with a single source of truth. Sales teams can quickly move deals along with integrated e-sign capabilities to further optimize and streamline the buyer experience. 

Customer quote DealHub CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Deliver one fluid sales motion with DealHub CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Digitizing your sales process in 2022 is mission-critical. Sales executives must adapt a digital mindset in order to match clients’ evolving buying habits and enable a frictionless sales process. By implementing and adopting CPQ technology that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your organization can do exactly that. 

DealHub’s CPQ enables sales teams to quickly and efficiently create accurate quotes and proposals in a matter of minutes. With best-in-class CPQ technology, you can eliminate costly errors and ensure sales reps can focus on selling and delivering value to your customers. 

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