Contract Management

Accelerate your negotiation process and win deals faster.
Streamline and simplify the creation and approval of contracts.

Take Your Contract Management to the Next Level

DealHub dynamically generates corporate agreements, contracts, and legal documents then automatically sends for review or e-Signature. DealHub enables your sales reps to avoid slowdowns and mistakes, while collaborating with all deal stakeholders to ensure maximum visibility and compliance. All contract information is stored and synced in your Salesforce CRM.

Simplify Contract

  • Generate NDAs, MSAs, Agreements, Quotes and other documents
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with an intuitive guided creation flow
  • Automatically pull & merge contact data from your Salesforce CRM
  • Avoid mistakes by using pre-approved templates
  • Easily edit and change terms
  • Choose the format you need: Word, PDF or Web-based documents

Standardize Organizational
Collaboration and Approvals

  • Share and collaborate on agreements internally with legal or management before they are sent to customers
  • Trigger parallel approvals workflow based on configurable criteria
  • Get real-time email notifications and status updates directly in Salesforce

Streamline Contract Review
with Redlining

  • Allow customers to provide feedback
    and redline critical issues
  • Capture data via integrated forms with
    auto sync into Salesforce
  • Get access to the contract records directly from the relevant account on your CRM. 

Gain Insights to Keep
Contracts Moving

  • Get real-time notification on customer
  • Track history of who has viewed or edited the
  • Identify other stakeholders that contract has
    been shared with

E-Signature & Contract

  • Allow online signing of the deal for single or
    multi-party signatures
  • Signed docs and signer details automatically
    synced to Salesforce after signing

Seamless Experience Within

DealHub integration with Salesforce gives users
complete access to all their contracts and
documents directly in Salesforce. DealHub’s
contract management solution enables your sales
teams to create, manage, track, sign and store
contracts without leaving their CRM.

Ready to solve your contract
management problems?

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What else can you do with DealHub?

DealHub Sale Engagement Platform Streamlines your entire sales process.
See how:


Walks sales people step-by-step with guided selling flows.

Content Sharing

Share personalized digital deal content with each buyer.


Easily customize and generate all deal related documents.

Configure Price
Quotes (CPQ)

Build error free configuration and quotes in minutes.


Tigger automated approval requests to ensure smooth workflow.


Generate and red-line any type of company agreements.

& Analytics

Get real-time analytics on your deal progress.


Seal deals online and auto sync signed documents to your CRM.