With DealHub,
It’s Automatic.
Eliminate Manual Sales Processes,
Accelerate Buyer Touchpoints,
and Sync CRM Data
Say It with
DealHub CPQ’s advanced automation empowers you
to respond to buyers faster than ever before.
Complex is beautiful
Our advanced CPQ technology generates 100% accurate quotes in an average of 8 minutes — no matter how complex.
Automated margin control

Set a discounting threshold. Use automatic workflows to approve anything below it, or trigger an approval request to management if it’s above it.

A revenue upgrade

Automatically generate upgrade, up-sell, and cross-sell suggestions for reps, in real-time. Never miss a chance to get the most out of every deal and maximize your revenue impact. 

The Playbook That Automatically
Gives You an Edge
Advanced guided selling playbooks. Guide. Sell. Play to Win.
Guidance you can count on
Input leadership strategy once. Ask reps a series of questions about your deal. DealHub CPQ’s rules based engine combines them to generate a quote that aligns with your vision.
Sell from month one
Intuitive question and answer format eliminates the need for extensive product knowledge. We’ve seen new hires outsell veterans by month two.
Update your pricing, products, discounting, and workflows from a spreadsheet. Adapt with your market and maintain your edge over the competition.
Subscribe to
Build a consistent ecosystem for your subscription management revenue.
Continuity across
all your contracts
Ensure continuity across your subscription terms and conditions. Make your contracts predictable so you can accurately measure impact over the long-term.
Bundles and
Prompt reps with suggestions for upsells and cross-sells based on historical data. Learn which bundling options work best. Never miss an opportunity to maximize your revenue impact.
Automatic renewal and
Automatically renew contracts when they expire. Manage co-terming agreements on a single invoice. Maintain a seamless relationship with your subscription buyers.
CLM That Doesn’t

It’s OK to make a snap

Reuse old agreements. Create new contracts using pre-approved legal boilerplate. Add commercial language for any product bundle.


Centralize redlining on a single digital document and automatically maintain perfect version control. Automatically notify stakeholders when their input is required. Use parallel workflows streamline the cross-departmental approval process. Streamlined redlining, automatic.

and sign-off

Know when buyers interact with your proposals. Send customized content at the right moment. Integrated e-signature with single or multi-party support instantly capitalizes on buyer intent.

Data That Impacts the Bottom Line
Use your current data to automatically optimize your current sales process. Collect
new information at every touchpoint to optimize your quote to close cycle.
into gear
DealHub CPQ + DealRoom natively operates from SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Go ahead, throw the
auto-sync at your teams
Pull data automatically from your CRM to add to your quotes. Maintain data integrity as you handoff buyers between teams.
from quote to close
Collect insights on how quote terms impact revenue. Uncover friction points over the long term. Learn from the collective data-set and put the pedal down on what works.

Ready to boost your sales performance?

Reduce sales cycles.
End revenue leakage.
Deliver superior experiences.