Advanced Revenue
Operations for
Advanced Sales Teams

Amplify your Revenue by Delivering Advanced CPQ,
CLM, and Buyer Engagement Tracking to Build a
Single Quote-to-Close Process.

The Fresh
Voice of CPQ
Advanced sales technology that maximizes your revenue opportunity.
No more tradeoffs between speed and accuracy when responding to prospects. Our simple, dynamic CPQ is the best way to quote faster than your competition and achieve maximum revenue impact from your leads.
Next-generation guided selling playbooks
Input your sales strategy once. Then, let DealHub CPQ’s rules-based logic ask reps a series of questions about their deal. Get a 100% accurate quote in an average of 8 minutes.
Automated quote approval workflows
Set a maximum discount threshold. Automatically approve anything below it. Automatically reroute anything above it to manual review. Remain dynamic while placing guardrails around your reps to ensure margins.
Manage subscriptions with precision
Use advanced data insights to optimize the upsells, cross-sells, and bundles in your subscription contract quotes. Consistently deliver them to all your prospects with unrivaled speed and precision.
Contract Lifecycle Management:
Enterprise-grade tools that translate into revenue
Negotiations just got easier. Get to close faster by eliminating the roadblocks that
slow reps down during contract negotiations. Redline with ease, streamline approval workflows, automate version control—and make it effortless for your prospects to
sign on the dotted line the moment they’re ready.
Enterprise-speed redlining & version control
Our innovative CLM platform puts everything you need to negotiate in a single platform. Maintain version control by redlining on a single master document, with full visibility for all stakeholders. Automate approval request workflows so you never have to see or write another email asking to change a comma again.
Automated sales proposals
Auto-populate legal boilerplate that accounts for your contracts’ products, services, pricing, and jurisdictions. Banish out of date terms and conditions forever. Ensure compliance and liability protection. Never waste another moment writing the same provision twice.
Integrated eSign
Never miss an opportunity to translate a moment of buyer intent into revenue. Fully integrated e-signature capabilities transforms your contract into a closed/won mechanism. Integrate with DocuSign, or use our own out-of-the-box solution.
Buyer Engagement Tracking:
Unique Insights to Amplify Revenue Achievement

Data is revenue. Our DealRoom is the secret weapon that collects more of both then ever before. Monitor the conversation within your prospects’ organizations in real-time. Deliver a customized message at the exact moment it will achieve maximum impact. It’s the closest you’ll get to sitting at the table where your prospects make their decisions.

Company-wide engagement tracking
Receive notifications the instant prospects engage with content. Gain full visibility into which stakeholders have viewed your content, so you can gauge interest at every level of your prospect’s organization. Know when engagement velocity drops, so you can re-engage and keep the momentum going.
Buyer’s digital disposition
Use data-driven insights from across your organization’s entire deal history to qualify current and future prospects. Engage with buyers effectively using unique, empirically verified strategies for every persona and organization type you sell to.
Deliver custom content
Sell with precision by empowering reps to deliver custom content to individual stakeholders within a target company. Gain an edge on the competition by replacing one-size-fits-all sales content with messaging targeted at specific personas and pain points. It’s the advanced technology intelligent sales teams use to translate engagement insights into increased revenue achievement.

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