Heavy Revenue
Is In the Forecast
Make Achievement Reign
Everything You Know Is up for Revenue
Get comprehensive, accurate data from quote to close.
The prediction is in the data
Collect data on the performance of your previous quotes. Crunch the numbers. Understand the revenue impact when similar deals come up in the future.
Solve for R
Understand how pricing models impact your revenue equation. Find the optimal margin discounts that allow you to forecast with confidence.
Quality before quota
Go beyond human guesses for quarterly quotas. Use hard data from your previous deals when setting revenue goals. Challenge your reps to hit targets that are realistic, but ambitious.

Your Forecast

Evolve your forecasting to make your organization’s pipeline more reliable than ever before.

Strategic clarity

Understand how deals move through your pipeline. Coach reps using empirically verified strategies and tactics for what actually wins competitive deals in your market..

Coach ‘em up

Base your forecast reviews on a solid understanding of not just who missed quota, but why they did. Replace generic sales training with personalized teaching experiences that address specific weaknesses.

See What’s Hidden
in Plain (In)sight
Intelligent data for intelligent sales teams.
Sell with confidence
Don’t rely on intuition or anecdotes. Take an empirical view and what works and what doesn’t at every touch point, so your reps have confidence when they engage with buyers.
See behind the digital curtain
Reveal hidden buyer stakeholders. An average of 5-7 stakeholders are behind a purchasing decision see how all of them interact with your proposals and content.
Sabermetrics for all-star revenue leadership
Understand how sales reps performed across the entire sales cycle. Reveal their strengths and weaknesses at every touch point, so you can make adjustments and focus training where it’s needed.

Ready to boost your sales performance?

Reduce sales cycles.
End revenue leakage.
Deliver superior experiences.