The (Sales)
Engagement Is On
Take the Relationship with Your Buyers to the Next Level
at First Quote
Advanced CPQ that turns buyers’ heads and gives you an edge over the competition.
Arrive in 8 minutes sharp
Stop wasting time manually looking through pricing and product lists every time you make a quote. DealHub CPQ generates 100% accurate quotes in an average of 8 minutes. 
Make it personal
DealHub CPQ’s advanced guided selling playbooks ask sales reps a series of questions about their deal, and then generate a personalized quote to match the requirements. No matter how complex the buyer, you’ll know exactly what to say to make an impression.
Don’t come empty handed
DealHub CPQ’s automated discounting approvals empower reps to offer buyers discounts at the moment when they will have maximum impact on the relationship. 
Make an Unforgettable Proposal
Generate accurate proposals and contracts automatically. Communicate proposed changes in real-time. DealRoom creates compelling proposals and buyer journeys that can’t be ignored.
Make your
intention clear
DealHub’s CRM integrations create contracts with buyer data pulled directly from your system. Add clauses from your previous deals to create new agreements and automatically add relevant boilerplate so you get every contract detail just right.
Connect with the perfect
redline one-liner
Make redline changes to contracts and have stakeholders be automatically notified for review or approval. Replace long email chains with quick and clear communication that streamlines negotiations. Respond to questions or suggestions in minutes.
Conversations that move the relationship forward
DealRoom empowers all contract stakeholders to engage simultaneously via a single micro-website. Changes are reflected in real-time, creating a single source of truth. Eliminate reconciliation issues and always engage buyers with a common understanding of the state of the contract.
See through the Stakeholder Veil

Continuously evolve your sales processes and technologies with

your understanding of what achieves more revenue. 

Reveal hidden stakeholder engagement

DealRoom empowers you to go beyond your buyer’s point of contact. Reveal who is interacting with your content and know the hidden stakeholder committee in charge of making the final decision.

Deliver a customized message

Send custom content to specific stakeholders. Make an impact on specific pain points and personas. Never miss an opportunity to deliver value to buyers.

If You like It, Put an Esign on It.
DealRoom is the best way to close the deal and finalize your relationship with buyers as closed won revenue.
Close the deal
DealRoom fully integrates with e-signature, supports single and multi-party signatures, and syncs all signed documents to your CRM. Never let an “I do” moment slip away.
Never forget to file the paperwork
Dealhub works inside your CRM to automatically update buyer records as soon as the deal is closed, so your records are always accurate.

Ready to boost your sales performance?

Reduce sales cycles.
End revenue leakage.
Deliver superior experiences.