How to rescue revenue

without increasing win-rates or upsells

Increasing win-rates or upsells isn’t the only way to prevent revenue leakage. The key is simplifying your sales technology.

DealHub’s Deal Acceleration Platform lets you consolidate your sales enablement tech stack into a single platform (without completely re-coding your back-end).

Everything you need is in one place. Stop losing the data, customer goodwill, and team morale that you give away when things get lost in endless transfers between tools.

Learn why you may be leaking revenue and how to rescue it.

DealHub’s Deal Acceleration Platform helps Sales Operations leaders achieve their growth and revenue goals with an end-to-end sales platform that includes CPQ, Digital Sales Proposal (DealRoom), Interactive Contract Management, Subscription Management, Billing, eSignature, Workflow Approval, Engagement Tracking, and a Predictive Sales Playbook to create a personalized experience customers appreciate.

DealHub’s unified platform connects your sales process and creates a seamless interface throughout all deal stages which provides real-time, accurate data for better forecasting. Achieve outcomes with a connected Deal Acceleration Platform that you cannot achieve with stand-alone solutions. DealHub helps you to:

  • Reduce the cost of your sales stack
  • Increase opportunity close-won rates
  • Accurately view your customer at each stage
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