Hopin achieves a full
in 2-weeks with DealHub

Hopin is one of the fastest growing companies with more than 800 employees and 100,000+ partnered organizations using its platform around the world. All of this has been accomplished as a fully remote company in just two years without setting foot in an office.

Recently, Hopin’s sales team was looking to deploy a CPQ that could be implemented in weeks and updated without developer resources. For this, Hopin chose DealHub to help accelerate its go-to-market strategy and send more accurate quotes.

Live in 2 weeks 

Hopin has a track record for speed and was looking for a CPQ that could be implemented quickly. Although CPQ technology is typically known for long implementations, DealHub was able to deliver for Hopin in just two weeks.

Accelerated go-to-market strategy 

Hopin wins by focusing on impact for its customers. They continue to innovate quickly through enhancing and creating new products, strategic acquisition, and breaking into new geographic markets. 

With DealHub, Hopin is able to enter new geographic markets efficiently. Hopin is able to add new countries, currencies, and contracts that meet compliance with ease. Each country can have its own set of rules and configurations, independent of other countries. Additionally, as Hopin quickly brings new products to market, DealHub helps remove developer dependency bottlenecks.

Guided Selling makes adding new products fast and intuitive

In Q1 2021, Hopin added new business lines through several acquisitions. The Hopin Sales team quickly got up to speed on new product packages and pricing with DealHub’s Guided Selling. 

Through a conversational selling approach, Sales teams are guided to sell the correct product with the right configurations in just minutes. This intuitive experience of answering a few questions (instead of the mechanical selling approach of manually linking products to the appropriate packages), makes it easier for sales teams to sell both new and existing products. 

Stunning sales proposals with DealRoom

With DealHub’s DealRoom, a custom-branded sales proposal that’s automatically generated in minutes, Hopin has dramatically spruced up their sales orders. 

Approval workflows that make sense 

Naturally, Hopin’s growing success has provided the opportunity to improve internal processes. For example, more quotes lead to more quote changes that require approval. Since deploying DealHub, the Sales team is now able to quickly identify changes to quotes and quickly determine whether or not to approve them, while Operations is able to quality control the deals more easily. 


For Hopin, DealHub is the best choice because it uniquely puts the needs of the Operations team first, with a CPQ that’s easy to use and administer. Sales teams can now send accurate quotes embedded in stunning sales proposals for all of Hopin’s products, both new and existing.

About Hopin

Founded in 2019, Hopin enables brands and communities to create all-in-one, live experiences. Through its platform, attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. With Hopin, anyone can create live virtual, hybrid and in-person events that are made highly interactive and immersive. Hopin is a remote-first company headquartered in London, with employees in 47 countries. Learn more at

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“We did a lot of evaluations on tools and speed to implementation and speed to iteration was so important to us. We couldn’t have a tool that took 90 days to implement and 90 days to change. We needed to be able to make quick iterations and implement quickly and DealHub let us do just that.”

Brantley Pace

Sales Ops Manager at Hopin