From Revenue Leakage to Revenue Efficiencies

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A recent Boston Consulting Group survey found that an astounding 45% of 2,000 international business executives see revenue leakage as a systematic problem for their companies.

On top of that, 65% admitted to not having revenue assurance tools to help manage profits, revenues, and cash flows.
Just like physical leaks, revenue leakage may be unintentional and unnoticed but still cause serious damage. Fixing revenue leakage is more complex than sticking a finger in the dam, but it’s completely within reach. You just need to know how.

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Watch DealHub’s Experts

Watch RevTalks’ first master panel discussion with DealHub experts Alon Lubin, Chief Technology Officer,  Nadav Doron, Chief Solution Officer, as they offer valuable insights on how to prevent revenue leakages with DealHub’s Agile CPQ solution.


Alon Lubin

Chief Technology Officer


Nadav Doron

Chief Solution Officer

Learn from the best and optimize your stack capabilities while effectively managing revenue challenges with the best-in-its-class products that make selling seamless.


On the agenda:

  • DealRoom & DealBox – Bring buyers and sellers together in one place to collaborate and close deals, while enhancing efficiencies and the customer experience.
  • Dynamic Multi Signers – Exclusive to DealHub – Getting single or multiple signatures in parallel for one document is now a possibility with electronic signatures to build a better buyer journey and close business seamlessly.
  • Dynamic Bundles – Making quoting more flexible and adjustable for submitting proposals faster and streamlining discounts negotiations.

Stay tuned. More events coming soon