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RevOps train wrecks: 5 quote-to-revenue fails to avoid

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RevOps is a journey, and not all tracks lead to success. In this engaging and eye-opening webinar, we bring together two seasoned veterans, Mark Lerner, Director, Growth Marketing at DealHub, and Anthony Enrico, Founder of LeanScale, to dissect the worst RevOps mishaps they’ve encountered.

It’s a roadmap of what not to do as we dive deep into the five critical “fails to avoid” that could derail your RevOps success. This session is not just about the pitfalls; it’s about paving a path toward building the groundwork for a RevOps organization that’s built for scale.

Join the Experts

Anthony Enrico, Founder, LeanScale

 Anthony Enrico


Mark Lerner, Director of Growth Marketing, DealHub

Mark Lerner

Director of Growth Marketing

Matt Volm

Founder and CEO
RevOps Co-op

On the agenda

  • Learn how a lack of flexibility in RevOps can slow down your entire revenue process.
  • Find out about the risks of not evolving with market and technological changes.
  • Get insights into some common user experience fails that hinder RevOps efficiency.
  • Study the pitfalls of not preparing your RevOps for growth.
  • Learn how to avoid the traps of over-complicated or underperforming RevOps tools.


This is more than a discussion; it’s a shared journey into the heart of RevOps, guided by experts who have seen it all. Whether you’re setting up your RevOps for the first time or looking to refine your existing operations, this webinar will provide invaluable insights into making your RevOps agile, adaptable, and successful in the rapidly evolving market.


Join us for this insightful journey into the heart of RevOps, and step into the new year with a robust, fail-proof strategy. Register Now!

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