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How DealHub brings world-class CPQ to HubSpot CRM and B2B sales teams

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Generating leads is only half of the story when it comes to closing deals in the world of complex B2B. The other half involves crafting, delivering, and closing on the right quote or proposal. That’s where DealHub CPQ and HubSpot CRM deliver.

Join Doug Wendt, Chief Growth Officer of Wendt Partners and Eyal Orgil, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at DealHub, for this in-depth exploration of the future of CPQ and CRM.

Join the Experts

Doug Wendt

Doug Wendt

Chief Growth Officer
Wendt Partners

Eyal Orgil

Eyal Orgil

Co-Founder and
Chief Revenue Officer


On the agenda

  • How playbook-driven CPQ boosts fast, precise quoting.
  • Your team’s key CPQ needs for practical use.
  • How DealHub enhances customer experience for smooth sales.
  • Wendt Partners’ growth through DealHub & HubSpot synergy.

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