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Expert Spotlight:
An inside look at the fast-moving Drift revops engine

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Drift’s innovative platform enhances customer interactions, turning every touchpoint into a meaningful conversation. Pioneering a speedy approach to RevOps, Drift is transforming how its business systems are used to enhance sales motions and drive growth.

Get access to an exclusive conversation held between Marty Chang, Director of Business Systems at Drift, and Eran Gross, our very own VP of Customer Success America at DealHub.

During this session, Eran and Marty take a deep dive into the world of RevOps, dissecting key pillars that make Drift’s RevOps engine swift and efficient. This is your opportunity to glean actionable insights from the front lines of one of the fastest-moving RevOps engines in the industry.

About our speakers:

Marty Chang is a powerhouse in the world of RevOps. As the Director of Business Systems at Drift, Marty’s expertise lies in streamlining operations and optimizing system performance. His profound knowledge and innovative approach make him a leading voice in the RevOps space.

Eran Gross, VP of Customer Success America at DealHub, has a wealth of experience in guiding teams towards success. Known for his client-centric approach, Eran brings a unique perspective to every conversation.

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Eran Gross

VP Customer Success America

Group 39070

Marty Chang

Director of Business Systems

On the agenda

  • Drift business systems – Exploring strategies for current market trends, navigating a slower sales process, and accelerating deal closures.
  • Reviewing 2023 as ‘the year of efficiency’ – Strategies to overcome complexities and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Optimization – Enhancing sales strategies for tough markets, identifying obstacles, promoting continuous optimization, and underscoring the significance of speed-to-value.
  • Agility – Strategies for accelerating time-to-market, reviewing changes observed this year, learning from Drift’s fast-paced sales approach, and sharing tips to increase work speed.
  • Automation – The crucial role of innovative approaches in development, automated testing, and efficient management of complexities to improve speed-to-value and overcome testing challenges.


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