Best Practices to Boost Approval Workflows

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Time is money is nearly always a true statement, particularly in today’s highly competitive B2B sales environment. Having a robust infrastructure for approval workflows to streamline communications and reduce backlog can make all the difference between thriving and mere surviving.

When implemented properly, approval workflows can save sales professionals time allocated to executing manual tasks or consolidating communications between stakeholders to obtain approvals from various departments.

Join DealHub’s Experts

Eran Gross, Head of Customer Success Americas, and Ariela Duntov, Solution Expert, as they share their valuable knowledge having led hundreds of CPQ implementations over the years.


Eran Gross

Head of Customer Success Americas


Ariela Duntov

Solution Expert


Webinar Part One

  • Learning how to implement custom workflows for different business scenarios with a hands-on approach
  • Setting up workflow automation from scratch
  • Building a hierarchy based workflow to match your organizational structure


Webinar Part Two

  • Integrating rule-based workflows simultaneously with general workflows
  • Taking advantage of Smart Workflows
  • Perfecting approval delegation
  • Avoiding common implementation pitfalls


Each session also includes a personalized Q&A time.