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Software & IT

Build and maintain an agile team. DealHub’s Revenue Amplification Platform streamlines internal workflow processes, eliminating the bottlenecks that slow teams down. DealHub CPQ’s minimum discounting thresholds combine with advanced subscription management to empower leaders to protect margins throughout the lead-to-renewal cycle. DealRoom provides advanced contract management with redlining and integrated e-sign that maintains a single source of truth for negotiations of any complexity.

Computer & Networking Security

Quote accurately and ensure contracts reflect the final understanding with your buyers. DealHub CPQ reads your pricing and product books so complex quotes can be generated quickly and accurately. DealRoom contract management automatically pulls and merges data from your CRM, creates contracts with pre-approved boilerplate language, and streamlines revisions with contract redlining and integrated e-sign. Everything you need to ensure your understandings with buyers are accurately reflected in the contracts you sign.

DealHub eliminates the manual administrative work that sales reps hate and replaces it with intelligent automation sales leaders love.


Eliminate manual processes by letting DealHub CPQ + DealRoom’s advanced technology to manage the entire quote to close process. Improve workflow management with automatic quote and contract approvals. DealHub CPQ is native to Salesforce CRM, syncing data automatically so you can increase operational efficiency for complex quotes and orders, while simultaneously improving compliance. DealRoom offers full visibility and control into the CLM process, with integrated redlining, version control, and e-signature. 


Simultaneously meet the demands of your customers and regulators. DealHub CPQ’s advanced guided selling playbooks and subscription management uses ongoing data analytics to reveal optimized product upsells, cross-sells, and bundles and deliver them to buyers. Native integration with Salesforce and your ERP system syncs data in real-time, improving regulatory compliance while delivering 100% accurate quotes in an average of 8 minutes.

DealHub eliminates the manual administrative work that sales reps hate and replaces it with intelligent automation sales leaders love.


Maximize the value of your subscription contracts, while still maintaining regulatory compliance. DealHub CPQ’s advanced subscription management analyzes your contracts to find the optimal upsell, cross-sell, and bundling opportunities to maximize revenue. DealRoom provides advanced contract management software that lets you manage redlines, maintain a single source of truth during complex negotiations, and integrate single or multi-party online signatures.

Food & Beverages

Understand buyer demand, control inventory and costs, and manage accounts receivables evcen in periods of instability. DealHub CPQ’s advanced guided selling playbooks and subscription management empowers you to understand where demand is coming from, and quote accurately to capture it. Maximum discounting thresholds protect margins during slow periods. DealRoom contract management provides automated approval workflows, stakeholder notifications, redlining, and integrated e-signature that makes collaborating on contracts with manufacturers, warehouses, and retailers efficient and effective.


Generate complex quotes accurately, manage contracts efficiently, and improve compliance procedures. DealHub CPQ’s advanced guided selling playbooks create accurate quotes no matter how complex the agreement. The DealRoom streamlines contract management, so you can better manage documents and processes. DealHub sits natively inside Salesforce. Data is automatically synced and always up to date, helping to improve compliance.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Modernize your commercial processes with advanced quote to close technology that gives you an accurate view of the review impact of your agreements. Use advanced data analytics to understand customer segment value, create commercial pricing models, and measure value for greater profitability. DealHub gives you everything you need to manage digital negotiations, create unified sales agreements, and achieve more revenue from your customer accounts.

Marketing & Advertising

Deliver accurate, branded proposals to media buyers. DealHub CPQ pulls data directly from your CRM fields, auto-populating documents with accurate information. At the same time, documents can be automatically generated with your brand identity, maintaining momentum and differentiation during the ad sales process. During contract negotiations, DealRoom provides you real-time notification of buyer interaction, and lets you deliver custom content, so you can close deals faster than ever before.


Easily negotiate complex contracts with institutional stakeholders with DealHub CPQ + DealRoom. DealHub CPQ’s guided selling playbooks let you create multiple playbooks and scenarios to fit the specific needs of different buyers. Advanced subscription management automatically generates optimized upsells, cross-sells, and bundles so you can maximize the lead-to-renewal opportunity from every contract.

Human Resources

Maintain accurate contracts for all employees. DealRoom contract management automatically creates NDAs, MSAs, and agreements from other documents and existing boilerplate. Create pre-approved templates that minimize errors, and reuse previously amended agreements via a Dynamic Contract Repository. During contract negotiations, advanced redlining and integrated e-sign make it easy to edit and change terms, while parallel approval workflows make it easy to share and collaborate with cross-departmental stakeholders.

Waste Management

Ensure clarity in your contracts and maintain regulatory compliance. DealHub CPQ’s advanced guided selling playbooks sync data with your CRM in real-time, ensuring contracts contain complete and accurate information about your buyers. Automated quote approval workflows with maximum discounting thresholds streamline the quoting process, while protecting margins. DealRoom contract management manages redlines and maintains a single source of truth for agreements, improving compliance. 

Business Services

Maximize revenue from your contracts from lead-to-renewal. DealHub CPQ’s subscription management playbook guides your sales process with rules-based logic so you can deliver standardized packages and payment terms, custom pricing, and communicate new services. The playbook is also dynamic, so you can easily change your offerings. Approved discounts, scheduled renewals, and discounting controls ensure you maximize the revenue impact of every buyer.