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Top 5 RevOps influencers making waves in the industry

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of Revenue Operations (RevOps) with our latest blog, spotlighting the top five RevOps influencers making major impacts in the industry. Discover who these trailblazers are, their contributions, and how their insights are shaping the future of RevOps. Each of these influencers provides a wealth of knowledge, innovative ideas, and practical strategies, making them essential voices to follow in the RevOps community.

Top 5 RevOps influencers making waves in the industry

Whether you’re a seasoned RevOps professional or just stepping into this sphere, this blog is your gateway to the thought leaders driving change and excellence in the realm of RevOps.

Why it’s important to seek out RevOps innovators

If you’re looking for a way to step up your game, seeking out leaders in your field is essential. Many RevOps masters, like the ones we’ll discuss below, are very open to sharing their hits and misses. They have blogs, podcasts, and active communities on social media, and all of this content provides a treasure trove of insights for those interested in developing their own RevOps soft skills.

Why it's important to seek out RevOps innovators

By seeking out RevOps leaders, sales representatives gain:

Insights on data (what to look for and where to get it). RevOps leaders can act like your GPS for data gathering. They’re the masters of data and know where to gather meaningful insights from various corners of the business.

Knowledge of who to target. RevOps wizards understand the entire customer journey, from that initial touchpoint to sealing the deal and beyond. When you follow their lead, you’ll learn where your prospects hang out, how they research, and what influences their buying decisions. It’s like having insider information on the best fishing spots – you’ll cast your net where the fish are biting.

How to craft compelling content. RevOps leaders are masters at tailoring experiences for prospects and sharing how integral domain expertise is to serving customers. With their insights, you can create personalized journeys that resonate with your leads on a deeper level. It’s not just about a generic sales pitch; it’s about potential clients through a memorable journey that ends with a sale – and RevOps leaders can get you there faster.

Ideas for breaking down silos. RevOps leaders are the bridge builders, connecting different departments for a seamless customer experience. RevOps leaders can provide blueprints for building bridges between marketing, sales, and customer success. That way, you’ll be able to present a unified front to internal stakeholders so prospects can receive consistent messages and experiences across departments.

Staying ahead of the competition. Markets can be unpredictable, and how customers approach purchases can change quickly. Economic changes, technological advancements, and buyer sentiment can (and will) affect the buyer journey. RevOps leaders have their ears to the ground, sensing shifts in the market and industry trends. When you tap into their insights, it’s like getting advanced notice so you can adjust your approach before the competition even notices change is coming. 

Want actionable RevOps insights? Follow these five leaders 

Now that you understand why keeping RevOps leaders on your radar is integral to your own personal growth, here are five key individuals that are uniquely positioned to provide you with the most meaningful industry insights:

Rosalyn Santa Elena: Founder and CRO, The RevOps Collective

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena is the mastermind behind The RevOps Collective. With her finger firmly on the industry’s pulse, Rosalyn has been shaking things up and revolutionizing the RevOps landscape. She’s also the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast and continues to share RevOps insights with an ever-growing audience.

Her mission is to elevate the Ops function & Ops professionals – to promote, empower, and enable Revenue Operations to be every organization’s strategic differentiator and optimize the end-to-end customer journey.

Rosalyn provides RevOps-as-a-Strategy via four pillars:

  • RevOps advisory consulting services and a GTM strategy
  • Fractional RevOps leadership
  • Professional coaching for RevOps executives and professionals
  • Nurturing a RevOps community and continuous networking

Want a front-row seat to her wisdom? Catch her on DealHub’s RevAmp Podcast, where she shares what it takes to build an astonishingly successful career in Revenue Operations. 

Jeff Ignacio: Head of GTM Operations, Regrow Ag

Jeff Ignacio

Jeff Ignacio is the driving force behind GTM Operations at Regrow Ag. Need RevOps insights? Start at Jeff’s LinkedIn page, which is full of pearls of wisdom that can fuel your RevOps journey. He also has a successful Substack that shares even more RevOps approaches.

With a finance and technology consulting background, Jeff’s passion is driving revenue excellence and working with sales, marketing, and customer success leaders. He preaches:

  • defining and enabling sales processes
  • stabilizing and scaling systems that work for you 
  • fostering collaboration and working through all angles
  • accountability
  • embracing a hands-on approach in strategic leadership

Jacco van der Kooij: Founder of Winning by Design

Jacco van der Kooij

When it comes to winning strategies, Jacco van der Kooij is the name that resonates. As the brain behind Winning by Design, Jacco’s ideas have helped put RevOps at the center of success. Navigate to his LinkedIn profile to explore a world of innovative thinking and game-changing methodologies. You won’t just learn; you’ll be inspired to lead the charge toward excellence in RevOps.

As the youngest of eight siblings and raised in the Netherlands, Jacco’s upbringing, which revolved around hard work and willingness to help others, is reflected in his approach to RevOps. After all, in the world of SaaS, it’s imperative to make the client successful in order to become successful yourself. Jacco advocates working hard to build a solid reputation and use that reputation to build trust with clients so that you can help them succeed.

Asia Corbett: Sr. Revenue Operations Manager, Bread Financial

Asia Corbett

Asia Corbett is the rockstar Senior Revenue Operations Manager behind Bread Financial. Her approach is a masterclass in maneuvering through the intricate world of RevOps, especially within small teams.

Asia graduated from California State (in Economics and Statistics), has been a financial and business analyst, and brought her RevOps expertise to multiple SaaS companies. Previous to Bread Financial, she worked as Head of Revenue and Community Operations at RevGenius.

With so much experience in RevOps under her belt, you’ll want to hear what she has to say about the industry! Tune in to her insightful interview on DealHub’s RevAmp Podcast, where she spills the tea on thriving as a RevOps advocate.

Leore Spira: Head of Operations, Buildots

Leore Spira is the incredible Head of Revenue Operations at Buildots. While her LinkedIn profile is a testament to the profound benefits of connecting with the RevOps community, she’s also shared her insights with DealHub on its RevAmp Podcast. With so many valuable RevOps insights gathered from first-hand experience, it’s worth a listen! 

Leore co-founded The Optimizers Community (the first Israeli professional community for operations leaders) and treats building networks as fine art. She loves building profitable and sustainable revenue streams from the ground up and has Revenue Operations in her DNA.

She’s been globally recognized as one of the Top 23 revenue generation leaders and has established and built global RevOps departments in three SaaS startups. Her approach is distinguished by an “all-hands-on-deck” work ethic. She continues to share her RevOps insights on her blog.

Follow these leaders for RevOps insights

These top five RevOps influencers are igniting innovation and excellence in the industry – and are openly sharing how they’ve succeeded at RevOps (so you can too). Their LinkedIn profiles, blogs, podcasts, and websites are like treasure maps, leading you to a wealth of insights that can reshape your RevOps journey. So, whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, take advantage of their insights! Let’s embark on a journey of growth, transformation, and limitless possibilities in the world of revenue optimization and spread the word on how game-changing this approach can be for sales teams of all sizes.

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