Revenue Amplification

Maximum Efficiency. Minimum Effort.

DealHub eliminates inefficiencies in your sales process so you can respond to buyers faster, eliminate revenue leakage, and achieve more revenue than ever before.

Less Is More

DealHub CPQ’s advanced guided selling playbooks automate every stage of the sales quote process.


Input your sales strategy once. Let our rules-based engine apply it every time. Full cross-departmental collaboration, executed in an instant.


Use historical data to automatically offer the best package of products. Ensure your bundles remain consistent throughout your entire customer base.


Automate approvals for common discounts. Reroute outliers for manual review. Remain efficient while still protecting your margins.

Goodbye admin

DealHub CPQ replaces manual administrative processes
with streamlined automation.

Accelerated workflows

Send quoting approval notifications to multiple stakeholders simultaneously, so you can minimize the amount of time it takes to get final approval.

One-click approval

Eliminate inefficient email approval chains with a single approval button.

Reminder notifications

Unlike email chains that get buried and forgotten in your inbox, DealHub delivers automatic reminders so you never let anything fall through the cracks.