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Sendoso Grows Average Deal Size by 15% With DealHub

Sendoso’s sales team recently doubled in response to growing demand for their sending platform. But success comes with its own challenges, and as the company scaled, a few key challenges arose.

The Challenge

Sendoso’s sales team recently doubled in response to growing demand for their sending platform. But success comes with its own challenges, and as the company scaled, a few key challenges arose.

Account Executives (AEs) had been closing deals by giving customers discounts that were above the agreed-upon threshold, even as high as 40%. This not only undermined Sendoso’s positioning as a premium brand, but also negatively impacted their profit margins. Meanwhile, an inefficient process around discount approvals led to convoluted email chains that diverted managers’ attention away from key goals like managing and enabling their sales teams.

Furthermore, AEs would spend an average of 30 minutes creating and editing sales proposals for each customer. They would build quotes and proposals in a Google Docs template and then – on a good day – input those details into Salesforce. The process was 100% manual, extremely burdensome, and unsustainable. It also led to proposals that were filled with errors like incorrect start and end dates, improper terms of services, and misspellings.

As part of their growth, Sendoso also began targeting larger customers. This meant their sales proposals needed to look more sophisticated and professional in order to meet the expectations of their buyers.

The Solution

As Sendoso scaled their sales organization, they recognized the need for a CPQ solution that would enable them to send quotes quickly and accurately, and also assist them with contract management and subscription management

Sendoso chose DealHub over other CPQ and document-automation solutions because DealHub CPQ also met all of their contract-management needs– eliminating the need to purchase an external tool or depend on an integration to complete the sales stack.

Furthermore, they needed a solution that would be easy to implement within a few months – so it would be ready in time for when they rolled out their updated pricing.

The Results

Increased deal size

Sendoso has used DealHub to implement automated pricing mechanisms that protect profit margins and limit rogue discounting. In addition, discounts that fall under a fixed threshold are now automatically approved, while discounts above that threshold are automatically routed to the appropriate approver. This has had the added benefit of accelerating the discount-approval process.

This system of guard rails has empowered AEs to be more confident about Sendoso’s pricing, while driving them to adhere to best practices and be more conservative in discounting. In the immediate quarter after implementing DealHub, Sendoso experienced 15% growth in average deal size.

Less time to create proposals

Since bringing DealHub on board, AEs can easily create and revise agreements and share them with customers. It now takes less than 10 minutes to create a sales proposal with accurate pricing and relevant terms of service, giving sales teams more time to focus on selling. In addition, any changes to quotes and contracts are automatically synced to Sendoso’s Salesforce CRM – so their records are always up to date.

A better buying experience

Sendoso’s new DealRoom brings the entire buyer/seller committee into a single digital location. This branded and collaborative environment creates a personalized “wow” experience every time it’s sent to one of their customers. Combine this with the impact of providing more accurate, comprehensive and professional-looking quotes, and this experience gives mid-market and enterprise buyers the confidence they need to buy from Sendoso. 

This DealRoom includes all the relevant information and functionalities to help buyers and sellers close the deal. Sellers can provide personalized sales collateral and the most relevant legal documents for each deal. Meanwhile, buyers can instantly loop in relevant stakeholders, and quickly go from quote-to-close with features like contract redlining and integrated eSign.

Solutions Used

Subscription Management

By the Numbers

15 %
increase in average deal size
95 %
decrease in quote & contract errors
3 X Faster
sales proposal creation

“DealHub is the best CPQ for scaling companies. I can administer it myself, our sales team now has more time to sell, and most importantly, our average deal size increased by 15% within months of implementation.”

Alex Miller, Director of Revenue Operations, Sendoso