Generate professional proposals and price quotes in minutes with the easiest-to-use CPQ

One Fluid
Sales Motion

DealHub’s Revenue Amplification Platform empowers leaders to connect their teams and processes, execute deals, and create predictable pipeline more effectively than ever before.

DealHub centralizes buyer communications from opportunity to renewal, and connects everything you need to close the deal.

New Opportunities

Deliver customized sales content, generate on-brand proposals, and automate quote generation and workflows.


  • Deliver personalized content based on use case and scenario
  • Create an accurate and easily accessible record of the relationship
  • Send call summaries to eliminate miscommunication


  • Automatically generate and send comprehensive sales proposals
  • Maintain a consistent branded look and feel
  • Create an accurate and easily accessible record of the relationship


  • Advanced sales playbooks automatically generate accurate quotes
  • CRM integration creates bi-directional data sync 
  • Maintain margins with maximum discounting thresholds

Buying Process

Everything a visionary revenue leader needs to complete the buying process – all in one virtual DealRoom.


  • Quickly refresh product and pricing information
  • Easily add text from legal clauses and previous contract language
  • Get instant notifications about buyer interaction with your content


  • Workflow automation streamlines internal processes
  • Activate simultaneous, cross-departmental approval workflows
  • Maintain a single source of truth throughout the redlining process


  • Capture buyer intent and close deals smoothly with integrated eSign
  • Automatically sync finalized deal data with your CRM
  • Send signed copies automatically to every relevant stakeholder

Management & Renewals

Maximize revenue and stop revenue leakage from your subscription contracts.

Maximize revenue from your subscription contracts.

Pricing & Terms

  • Input expansion and upsell strategies into DealHub CPQ’s rule-based engine
  • Generate quotes to accurately reflect your pricing strategy
  • Change strategies quickly without any hard-coding required

Renewal Negotiations

  • Trigger scheduled plan renewals automatically
  • Easily manage co-terming agreements
  • Empower customer success teams to easily open renewal opportunities

Build predictable
revenue pipeline

  • Gain visibility into the progress of each sales stage
  • Consistently execute and iterate on your pricing strategy
  • Ensure sales and operations teams always know their margins

Advanced data analytics

The tools you need to analyze processes and buying behaviors that lead to revenue.

Everything you need to do empirically analyze processes and behaviors that lead to revenue achievement.

Capitalize on short-term opportunities

  • Push and pull buyer data from your CRM so everyone knows who you’re selling to
  • Keep deal information in a single place, where all teams can use it
  • Collect real-time data on buyer engagement and deliver relevant content

long-term trends

  • Aggregate deal data helps you optimize upsell and cross-sell bundles based on buyer persona
  • Maintain data hygiene and build revenue models with confidence 
  • Identify long-term trends for each sales stage, as well as your entire pipeline

Competitive advantage

DealHub provides a unified view of your sales and renewal pipeline so you can be more data-driven and close more deals faster.

A unified platform greater than the sum of its parts.
360° revenue with a unified approach for both net new
business and existing customers.

Sales Accuracy
and Control

Achieve data hygiene, consolidate your tech stack, and eliminate disconnected views of revenue execution with a single, connected solution.

Successful Adoption

Empower sales teams with a platform built for the way they like to work. Shorten sales cycles by consolidating all sales stages into one connected revenue flow.

One Connected
Revenue Flow

Build a unified process with quotes, proposals, contracts and documents standardized through DealHub’s guided selling playbook.