Boost your sales flexibility using DealHub multi-system quotes 

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Streamline your quote-to-cash process by learning how to sell multiple configurations within a single quote. Customize your sales quotations based on location, years, or special offers, enhancing your flexibility to cater to your client’s needs.

Join Roy Konfino, Director of Solution Architecture, for an engaging webinar. Discover when and why to implement a multi-system setup, and see firsthand how you can offer diverse structures in one seamless quote.

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Roy Konfino

Director of Solution Architecture DealHub

On the agenda

  • Learn what it means to sell multiple configurations in one quote – what are “configurations”?
  • In which cases do you use this capability?
  • A live demonstration:
    • How to configure a multi-system?
    • The difference between SystemVar and Ordinal 
    • Once configured, learn how to calculate different values per configuration/system.

Stay tuned. More events coming soon