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How DealHub ACCELERATES Sales Cycles

The length of the sales cycle is one of the most important aspects of achieving higher revenue. Research by McKinsey, a consultancy, showed 33% of B2B buyers consider sales cycle duration their biggest pain point.

How DealHub ACCELERATES Sales Cycles

The scope of the pain proves sales leadership needs to do more. In the past, it was enough to manage the customer lifecycle with manual processes and an uncoordinated sales tool tech stack. Today, that is no longer enough to differentiate yourself from the competition.

In the future, all sales teams will speed up the sales cycle through a combination of technology and process that creates more efficient, engaging, and adaptable touch points with buyers.

Our innovative Revenue Platform brings you that future right now!

What Causes Slow Sales Cycle Duration?

Old, manual sales strategies slow sales cycles down at every stage of the deal.

At the beginning of a deal, sales reps must manually configure products, put together pricing options, and request discounting approvals before they can send a quote. It takes a lot of time to handle the complexity of generating the quote, and even more time for relevant stakeholders to respond.

In the middle of a deal, sales reps who are negotiating terms with prospects struggle to understand the impact of their actions in real-time. They have no visibility into content engagement and can’t use data to identify friction points. Without these insights, the process of understanding a prospect’s interests and objections can take a long time.

At the end of a deal, sales reps must work across multiple tools that often don’t work well together. Separate document generation, redlining, and e-signature solutions require multiple stakeholders to communicate across many different platforms. Version control is difficult, and more time is wasted ensuring that a final ‘accurate’ version is agreed upon and delivered.

Moreover, these inefficient processes don’t generate useful data. You are unable to review performance and discover insights that will increase closed won rates in the future.

Laura Kenny, Business Operations Analyst at Blueshift

Dealhub provides guided selling capabilities improving the time to first sale of all our new sales reps and completely digitized sales workflow on ONE platform. It’s a seamless, fully digital, high value CPQ workflow that protects the integrity of your data allowing you to scale both your sales organization and your analytics”

Laura Kenny, Business Operations Analyst at Blueshift

Reduce the Sales Cycle Duration with DealRoom + DealHub CPQ

DealRoom + DealHub CPQ is the new way to accelerate revenue generation by shortening the sales cycle. It eliminates all of the inefficiencies of the manual processes currently slowing you down. And then, it shows you the way forward to higher revenues with unprecedented data-driven insights.

100% Accurate Price Quotes

First, DealHub CPQ’s automated workflows empower sales reps to quickly generate accurate price quotes. All they need to do is answer a series of questions about the deal, and the correct product configuration, at the correct price, is automatically generated. Leadership can also set guardrails around discounting, so you can send quotes quickly while still protecting margins.

Unprecedented Engagement Insights

Once the negotiation starts, reps can use DealRoom’s next-generation technology to gain unprecedented engagement insights. They can see a prospect interacting with content, so they know what interests them. Engagement velocity is also measured, altering reps to a decrease in activity so they can re engage and figure out what the problem is.

All-in-one Sales Tech Solution

When the prospect is ready to sign, Dealhub eliminates the need to work across many different tools by placing document generation, contract management, e-signature, and more in a single platform. Moreover, automated notifications ensure every team (Sales, Finance, Legal) can quickly work together to finalize terms and close the deal.

Data-driven Insights

And throughout the process, Dealhub collects all the data generated at every touchpoint and stores it for future use. Everything leadership needs to review performance and gain insight into how to capture more revenue in the future is easy to access and analyze.

Unprecedented speed. Effortless communication. Never before possible insights.

That’s the future of Sales. That’s our DealHub.

DealHub CPQ has been selected as a Top-50 Sales Product by G2 and recognized as a leader in the CPQ Momentum Grid. We have innovated the next generation of CPQ to empower teams to connect their tech and their teams to send their revenue to new heights today and in the future.



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