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Why DealHub is the #1 CPQ for HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a popular CRM and for good reason. Sales teams use it to store customer data, track buyer engagement and interactions, and manage deal information. Their powerful CRM software allows sales teams to gain deeper insights into potential leads, buyers, and key stakeholders and automate manual tasks so sales reps can focus on what they do best: selling. 

DealHub is the best CPQ for HubSpot

Unfortunately, there are key parts of the sales process that can’t be effectively conducted through a CRM alone. Pricing is a key part of the sales process, and most companies need a modern CPQ (configure price quote) solution to configure product or service offerings, establish pricing rules and discounting guidelines, generate error-free quotes, and create professional proposals that are personalized to customers’ needs.

With a powerful CPQ software solution, businesses can streamline their sales process and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks for sales and operations teams. 

In this article, we discuss how integrating DealHub CPQ with your Hubspot CRM enhances your HubSpot experience and helps sales teams close deals faster, improves productivity, and streamlines the sales process. We also provide some guidelines and considerations on when your company should consider implementing CPQ software. 

A CPQ in HubSpot helps make the most out of your HubSpot investment

You’ve already invested a lot into your HubSpot CRM, and DealHub helps you get even more out of it by integrating your HubSpot CRM with DealHub’s CPQ solution

DealHub is the #1-rated CPQ and it can be deployed in a matter of weeks – whereas other CPQ solutions take 9-12 months to implement and have a 35% failure rate. And thanks to our no-code configuration environment, you can configure and maintain pricing models without any additional developer resources.

Benefits of connecting DealHub CPQ with your Hubspot CRM

DealHub CPQ streamlines the selling process and also reduces administrative oversight. Some of the benefits you will experience from implementing and adopting DealHub’s CPQ software include: 

Accelerate the speed at which deals are closed

With a CPQ, sales teams can improve response time and how quickly they produce proposals. DealHub’s 2021 Benchmark Report concluded that 52% of SMBs that have adopted a CPQ are able to send proposals within 30 minutes while 90% of enterprise organizations are able to send out personalized proposals in less than four hours.

Generate personalized and error-free quotes quickly and efficiently 

Automatically synced with your CRM, DealHub makes it easy for sales reps to create professional quotes in a matter of minutes. No need for complicated calculations, sales reps can input changes in quantity or discounts with changes immediately reflected in both systems. 

Automate lengthy manual tasks and key parts of the sales process

With automated workflow approvals, sales reps can move quickly through the deal process without endless back-and-forth communication. Sales leaders can set pricing and discounting thresholds that are either automatically approved or rerouted for manual review.

Enforce pricing strategies and best practices with guided selling

Pricing and sales strategies only need to be set once in the sales playbook. After they’re inputted, DealHub’s CPQ will take reps through guided questions about the deal to assist them in creating accurate quotes that ensure reps are in-line with organizational pricing strategies and best practices. 

Bring all of your sales tools together into one centralized platform 

Sales reps often find themselves juggling between tools that do not connect with each other, wasting valuable time and creating the opportunity for errors. DealHub is a unified CPQ, CLM (contract management), and Subscription Management platform that allows reps to handle deals efficiently from quote to close. 

Requires no coding and is quick to implement and easy to maintain

DealHub’s no-code CPQ doesn’t require any backend configuration changes. With the right permissions, sales leaders can make modifications to your product library, making it easy to maintain. 

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When to consider a CPQ for your HubSpot CRM

With a CPQ, you are committing to a new tech solution and making changes to the way your team and other departments work. How do you know when you’ve reached a point when you need to invest in a CPQ to improve sales rep performance and processes? Typically it is a matter of deal and product complexity and quantity, and the need to scale up your sales operations. Below are four indications that the time has come to implement and adopt DealHub CPQ with your HubSpot CRM.

1. Accelerate the quoting process

With a CPQ you can reduce the amount of time it takes sales reps to respond to customers with accurate pricing and generate standardized and professional quotes and proposals. Guided selling eliminates time-consuming administrative tasks, ensures that no inappropriate discounting decisions are being made by sales reps and that they’re following best practices for quote creation set by the leadership.

2. Configure pricing and products with accuracy

Eliminate quoting errors and inaccuracies, whether due to a sales rep mistake or pricing that is out-of-date. In addition, all quotes and deal data are synced to your HubSpot CRM creating a single source of truth regarding products and pricing for your sales team.

3. Manage subscriptions and automate renewals

DealHub makes it easy to automate time-consuming manual tasks. For example, configure pricing strategies to make it easy for sales reps to manage renewals and expansions. 

4. Speed up approval processes

Approvals are a significant barrier to deals. It is often the case that details need to be sent back and forth, which can delay communication and slow down the sales process. This can be solved with advanced quote approval workflows that ensure adherence to the sales strategy, pricing guidelines, and legal policies. 

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Enable frictionless sales by connecting DealHub CPQ with HubSpot CRM

It’s critical to your sales team’s success to offer them a frictionless selling process by investing in tools that connect with each other. By having tools that communicate and synchronize with each other, you can achieve one fluid sales motion

DealHub CPQ for HubSpot CRM allows you to automate manual work, eliminate costly errors and inaccuracies in pricing and proposals, and importantly, provide a better sales experience for your sales team. 

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