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DealHub Recognized as the #1-Rated CPQ – Winter 2022

We are excited to announce that DealHub, the top CPQ solution and contract management software for SMB and enterprise companies, has once again been recognized as the #1-rated CPQ by the G2 community.  We’ve also been ranked the #1 Momentum Leader in CPQ, proposal software, and Salesforce CRM document generation for Winter 2022.

DealHub rated #1 CPQ by G2

DealHub’s popularity among customers is evidenced by our high placements in G2’s Momentum Grid® Reports, which plots customer satisfaction against their proprietary Momentum Score. G2 determines a company’s Momentum score by factoring in social, web, employee and customer-review data. 

DealHub achieved multiple awards in each of the following product categories:

  1. CPQ
  2. Contract Management
  3. Proposal Software
  4. Sales Enablement
  5. Document Generation
  6. Salesforce CRM Document Generation
  7. Sales Engagement

What is G2?

G2 is the world’s largest and most up-to-date tech marketplace where businesses can compare, review, and manage the tools and technology they use to achieve their business goals. 

With millions of visitors per month and over one million reviews, G2 helps millions of businesses make better buying decisions with authentic customer reviews, ratings and comparisons of software products and professional services. This makes choosing and implementing the best software more easy and reliable. 

DealHub: A unified platform for sales and revenue teams

DealHub CPQ is a robust solution on its own. But together with our other proprietary market-leading tools, sales teams can use it to move customers quickly from opportunity to close, increase deal size and reduce revenue leakage, improve revenue forecasting, and help teams deliver one fluid sales motion. 

  • CPQ: DealHub CPQ enables sales teams to generate fast and accurate quotes, even for complex deals, without any additional coding resources. A built-in sales playbook empowers sales reps to sell quickly and strategically, while advanced approval workflows automate a key part of the quoting process. Unlike other CPQs, DealHub can be implemented in weeks – not months. 
  • Contract Management: With DealHub, sales teams can effortlessly generate standardized contracts and documents, ensure accuracy and compliance, and streamline the deal-negotiation process. Real-time notifications provide sales teams and customers with complete oversight, while integrated eSign enables all stakeholders to close deals quickly.  In addition, secure contract storage makes it easy to retrieve and review existing and past contracts.
  • Subscription Management: DealHub enables companies to grow revenue faster and unlock revenue potential by making it easy to manage subscriptions, renewals, recurring payments, upselling, quoting, and more. Customers can also  streamline their billing process by connecting subscriptions, invoicing and collections.
  • DealRoom: DealHub provides a single digital workspace where all relevant stakeholders can collaborate and move deals forward. Sellers can personalize the DealRoom for each customer, and provide all the tools and information needed to close a deal – from pricing and product summaries, to sales collateral, to contract-management and e-signature capabilities. All deal information is synced automatically to their CRM, saving sales teams from tedious and time-consuming manual tasks.

How did DealHub become a global leader in CPQ, Proposals and Contract Management?

DealHub is the #1-rated CPQ software in G2’s Winter 2022 rankings thanks to its unwavering support and loyalty from its customers. In the words of Colin Gload, VP of Sales at Lumina Solar, DealHub is “a gamechanger in the CPQ space if you use Salesforce.”

What attributes make up G2’s proprietary Satisfaction Score?

  • Ease of Use – 94% (industry average: 90%)
  • Meets Requirements – 94% (industry average: 92%)
  • Ease of Doing Business With – 96% (industry average: 93%)
  • Ease of Setup – 87% (industry average: 86%)
  • Quality of Support – 98% (industry average: 92%)
  • Ease of Administration – 89% (industry average: 87%)

DealHub continues to receive top-notch customer satisfaction reviews for its CPQ

According to Eyal Orgil, Chief Revenue Officer at DealHub, “Our customers love DealHub because zero coding is needed to add new pricing or bundling after deployment, and because they have access to our in-house, award-winning CPQ implementation and customer success team.”

What else do customers love most about DealHub, based on 350+ user reviews?

  • We make our customers a priority and are driven to go the extra mile for them
  • Our CPQ implementation team ensures quick and simple adoption – within weeks – and works very closely with customers to set them up for ongoing success.
  • Sales and revenue teams can deploy new pricing and bundles without developer resources.
  • Advanced approvals and automated workflow help shorten the sales cycle.
  • DealHub reduces admin work for sales reps and operation teams with real-time CRM synchronization.

Want to learn how hundreds of companies are using DealHub to accelerate their sales, achieve greater revenue, and consolidate their revenue stack? See DealHub in action



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