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DealHub Sweeps G2 Crowd CPQ Awards – Highest Rated in 6 CPQ Award Categories

DealHub CPQ is named a High Performer, and ranked best in the CPQ Software Category in the following categories in the G2 Crowd CPQ Winter 2019 Report:

  • Best Usability
  • Best Support
  • Easiest Setup
  • Easiest to Use
  • Best Relationship
  • Best Meets Requirements has been named a High Performer based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score. received the highest Satisfaction score among products in CPQ. 100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 96% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend at a rate of 96%. is also in the Sales Engagement, Contract Management, Proposal, E-Signature, Sales Enablement, Salesforce CRM Document Generation categories.

DealHub CPQ ranks highest on time to implementation, ahead of Apttus, IBM CPQ, Oracle CPQ, and Salesforce CPQ. This fact was picked up by Apex Market Research in their analysis of the Global Quote Management Software Market 2018 when they named among the top 5 CPQ software applications in 2018. Apex estimates that this industry will be a multi-billion dollar industry in the next five years.

Eyal Orgil, Chief Revenue Officer at DealHub, said of this success, the key to mutual success is to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue, share best-practice recommendations and respond to customer requirements as they evolve over time. In the world of digital sales, nothing is static – our relationship with our customers is continually maturing, and we always strive to ensure that all product decisions add the greatest possible value.”

“We knew from the outset that there was an incredible opportunity to create a more intelligent CPQ – one that delivered the level of detail required for complex Enterprise sales processes, along with the ease-of-use expected from organizations that are growing and constantly changing. I am happy to say that we achieved both!”

G2 Crowd CPQ Software Definition

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software helps companies automate the life cycle of the quoting and proposal process, starting with the moment a customer supplies their needs in a company’s offering and ending with sending a detailed quote to the customer or prospect. CPQ software is used in sales departments to accelerate the sales process while improving quote accuracy and customer relations. These software products allow companies to determine a customer’s needs and provide them with custom quotes that best fit those specific needs. Products are typically built on an existing CRM software product or designed to integrate with one (or more) CRM tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the G2 Crowd CPQ category, a product must:

  • Include features for the basic activities that are part of the configure, price, quote life cycle: configuration logic for the offering, standard and custom pricing, and quote tracking
  • Provide information that salespeople can use to quickly create offers that are beneficial for both the customer and the company
  • Offer workflows for users to create, modify, send, and track quote documents in different formats
  • Allow the use of CRM software, ERP Systems, and other enterprise software data to define and manage product catalogs including pricing and bundling for hundreds or thousands of products
  • Evaluate the profitability of each offering based on financial rules, customer pricing, costs, and external factors like competitors, market changes, or laws and regulations
  • Integrate with other solutions downstream (to gather and analyze data for better quoting) and upstream (to propagate new pricing into other solutions such as e-commerce)
  • Assist users with analytics and reporting during the entire quoting process, and provide data and suggestions to improve the process

(Source: G2 Crowd)

Building on this Success

After achieving a clean sweep of G2 Crowd CPQ Awards, DealHub commits to bringing more product innovation to its customers throughout 2019. The product architecture of DealHub enables a more intelligent CPQ beyond the present norms. DealHub has already shown this with the delivery of CPQ within a Sales Engagement Platform. This gives a significant advantage to DealHub’s users, and the opportunity to consolidate your sales stack.

The DealHub Sales Engagement Platform recognizes CPQ as one of the mission-critical components of any high-growth sales team.

mission-critical components of high-growth sales team

Need Expert Advice on CPQ?

Watch our CPQ Success Secrets video series.

We created this exclusive CPQ series to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for your organization. Eyal Orgil, DealHub CRO, gives away insights gleaned from working with thousands of CPQ users on a weekly basis; he brings a concrete understanding of the CPQ product marketplace, as a co-founder of the #1 ranked CPQ software for ease-of-use.

CPQ Success Secrets video series


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