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Top 5 (Fun) Takeaways from the Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote 2020

Salesforce Dreamforce 2020 is unlike any Dreamforce that has come before. This year, as we all do our part to keep the COVID-19 pandemic from spreading, the entire conference has gone digital. Although nothing can replace the human connection of so many professionals coming together in a single place, that doesn’t mean this year’s conference can’t capture the magic that makes Salesforce Dreamforce a unique, can’t miss, annual event.

Top 5 fun Takeaways from the Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote 2020

Any fears that the digital format might disappoint were quickly put to bed by Marc Benioff’s keynote address. It was filled with the kind of levity and fun that we’ve come to love.

If you didn’t have time to tune into the event, here are the top 5 (fun) takeaways:

#1: You can visit San Franciscoor you can just walk 9,000 staircases

Dreamforce is usually held in San Francisco. So, it was no surprise that host James Corden referenced the iconic home of Silicon Valley while delivering a hilarious opening monologue. In it, he finally put to rest just how hilly the Valley is, by letting everyone know that in lieu of attending the conference, you could just walk 9,000 staircases.

#2: The Digital Imperative is Here to Stay

2020 has been the year of accelerated digital adoption. In his portion of the keynote, Bret Taylor, President & COO of Salesforce, reaffirmed that observation with one of our favorite quotes from the entire conference: “Digital part of your business. It is your business”.

Although we’re all hoping that Dreamforce 2021 will return to its traditional, in-person format, there is no doubt that the importance of digital has accelerated by leaps and bounds this year and will only continue to grow in the future.

#3: Strong Leadership is About Moving Forward

2020 has been a year full of challenges. One of the people who knows that very well is Gina M. Raimondo, the Governor of Rhode Island. She spoke about the need to make challenging decisions during times of adversity.

During her talk, she emphasized that crises are always stressful, even for the strongest leader. What’s important is not that you don’t feel stressed, or even overwhelmed, but that you continue to move forward. It was a strong message that everyone should take to heart.

#4: The Public/Private Sector Partnership is More Important than Ever

The interconnected nature of our societies is more prevalent than ever. And this year, the need for cooperation between the public and private sectors has taken center stage. Sarah Franklin, the EVP & GM of Trailhead and AppExchange, addressed this in her talk about how the private and public sector can work together to create better outcomes for society.

It was a great talk, and one that highlights the need for creative solutions to today’s problems.

#5: Bentley Has a Rainbow Car

All the talk of digitization, leadership, and creativity were great. But in the end, the showstopper belonged to Bentley. Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO Bentley Motors gave an impassioned talk about the need for green sustainability. 

Or at least, we think that’s what he said. Because during his talk, a picture of a Bentley painted in rainbow colors flashed across the screen and we really couldn’t pay much attention to anything else after that.

Bentley Motors automobile painted in rainbow colors

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The Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote 2020 Delivers

While this year will be different than other years, it’s clear that the Salesforce team is making the best of a difficult situation. Nothing can replace the crowds, interaction, and pure energy of Salesforce Dreamforce. However, if the keynote is any indication of what’s to come, this year is still going to bring a lot of great content and insights.

We’ve come to expect nothing less from Salesforce. It’s clear that the same time and effort they put into building a community of Salesforce applications and integrations is on display here again. Even though we’re hoping to get back to the live event next year, we’re still looking forward to a great month!

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Top 5 fun Takeaways from the Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote 2020

Top 5 (Fun) Takeaways from the Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote 2020

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