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Bringing together extraordinary sales professionals and exceptional organizations,
Among RevPath’s positions are Deal Desk, RevOps, SalesOps, and CRO.
RevPath drives exciting employment opportunities with the best in the industry.

Deal Desk Managers

As an authority in sales processes, deal structuring, cross-collaboration facilitation, and scaling sales operations across the board, Deal Desk leads the way in efficiency, crafting smooth operations within its ecosystem, and getting complex deals to the dotted line.

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RevOps Managers

With its acute ability to identify, analyze, optimize and expand revenue opportunities that guide profit margins, Revenue Operations (RevOps) leads information alignment by focusing on directing resources to ensure business needs and financial results line up.

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SalesOps Managers

Leveraging the value of cross-communication and teamwork optimization, the SalesOps lead effective sales processes that support sales professionals’ ability to sell while enabling the streamlining of operations and driving growth from within an organization.

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Chief Revenue Officers

In charge of the revenue streams of a business, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) works to align all revenue-generating departments, from sales and marketing, to customer success and pricing, and more, playing a pivotal role in influencing the future of a company.

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RevPath is committed to providing new and exciting career opportunities that drive the
success of CROs, RevOps, Deal Desk, and SalesOps professionals. Love your job!