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How to Achieve Horizontal Connectivity and Reduce Revenue Leakage

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Compared to DealHub CPQ Implementation

In his experience in the Vista world, he implemented Salesforce CPQ multiple times which took about six months each. Once they got to the end of those implementations, there was a less than ideal result. They’ve had to send consultants back in to redo the implementation to try and make it work better. Time spent fixing the tool contributes to loss of revenue.

Given the many challenges with Salesforce CPQ and other configure-price-quote solutions, he was hoping there would be something better out there. Then he came across DealHub and the platform has met all the requirements. Bruce says “it’s an amazing piece of software.”

With other CPQ solutions, he had functionality gaps. Sales reps were going in and they would just look at a list of 400 to 500 products. If you asked 10 reps to sell the same mix of products, you’re guaranteed they would come up with 10 different mixes of products. There was no consistency.

Using One Unified Platform Reduces Revenue Leakage

When there was no consistency, we were losing revenue opportunity. There was true revenue leakage and it was taking on average 9 to 12 months for a rep to actually learn the product mix. But even after that time, you would still get variations in that product mix.

We wanted one platform ideally for everything. We wanted a fast implementation – less than two years. We wanted something easier to use and we wanted that truly guided quoting. We didn’t want the reps looking at 400 products trying to select from those 400 products. The beautiful thing about DealHub is that dynamic journey that you create, you ask questions and those answers just create that dynamic journey.

Old-school software is on-premise, it’s lots of code, and it’s heavy implementation. You need multiple admins to manage the product. DealHub really fits the modern software stack – it’s cloud-based, it’s connected natively. So this is natively connected to Salesforce and no integration work needs to be done.

DealHub is user-configurable. When Bruce implemented DealHub CPQ, he and his pricing analyst implemented it on a part-time job over four to six weeks. No code was written against this. Comparing DealHub CPQ to Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce required multiple lines of code and it took months to implement. So being user-configurable was very key.

When Bruce had Salesforce CPQ, he had Conga for the output and Docusign for e-signature. It was incredibly challenging to get good output because Salesforce and Conga were not connected. Trying to develop for a very professional output was always a huge challenge.

Higher ROI with DealHub

He was able to replace all of those applications with DealHub at huge cost savings. There have also been great implementation cost savings with a much shorter timeframe – four to six weeks to get the application fully up and running.

Bruce says his end results were just as he hoped they would be. The reduction in sales ramp has been amazing. Where it was once 9 to 12 months to be fully ramped with Salesforce CPQ. Now, some of his most productive sales reps have only been there a month.

Using DealHub has allowed them to stop revenue leakage. Now, the sales reps are selling the correct products every single time. The discounted rules are correct, the approval rules are correct because, once again, that is all user-configurable.

The sales team has seen increased sales productivity, and they know they’re selling the right thing. Every salesperson is selling the right thing to the right customer every time. His experience with DealHub has been that it’s an amazing application that has totally changed the game.

Bruce says DealRoom, the microsite for the sales proposal is incredible. His team has been able to tailor a dynamic sales journey based on the products the user selects, and the playbook they’re using. They can control automatically the user content on the DealRoom microsite so they can target it automatically to the customer. DealRoom is a living document that the customer can show to other people in the company. It’s an amazing improvement over a static flat document that gets passed around. Bruce says it’s one of the most innovative applications I’ve ever implemented.

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