Guide sales reps on the most effective
way to engage with customers throughout
the entire sales process.

DealHub Playbooks offer unique Guided Selling flows that can adjust to every sales scenario, empowering sales reps to work faster and smarter. Utilizing Playbooks, sales reps can dynamically generate the most personalized and relevant content to engage with their prospects and drive deals forwards. Playbooks can dynamically adjust to users – new sales hires, experienced reps and/or channel partners – ensuring optimal sales engagement at every customer interaction.

Move Faster with Guided Selling

  • Set guided flows to automatically trigger relevant questions for each sales scenario or channel.
  • Dynamically generate the most relevant, personalized sales content in just a few clicks.
  • Ensure optimal products and pricing are configured with no errors.

High User Adoption with
Minimal Training

  • Step-by-step guidance reduces the need for product training, enabling new hires to engage with customer like pros.
  • Dynamic guided flows match each sales team and channel’s preferences, with on-the-fly changes as needed.
  • CRM data entry overhead is reduced by automatically syncing all sales rep inputs to the CRM.

Enable Sales Reps to be
Fast and Proactive

  • Unify sales execution to clear workflows, collecting
    all the relevant information and turning it into actions.
  • Seamlessly update new products,
    configurations and prices on the back-end.
  • Trigger automated approvals requests and
    notifications to the authorized managers, ensuring visibility and flexibility to changes.

Easy to Configure and
Update On-the-Go

  • Edit and change sales flows as needed, without coding.
  • Support all types of sales scenarios.
  • Auto-assigns document templates based on deal status,
    deal type or other configurable parameters.
  • Supports multi-language document generation.

Accelerate your sales process with
DealHub Sales Playbooks

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Walks sales people step-by-step with guided selling flows.

Content Sharing

Share personalized digital deal content with each buyer.


Easily customize and generate all deal related documents.

Configure Price
Quotes (CPQ)

Build error free configuration and quotes in minutes.


Tigger automated approval requests to ensure smooth workflow.


Generate and red-line any type of company agreements.

& Analytics

Get real-time analytics on your deal progress.


Seal deals online and auto sync signed documents to your CRM.