The Most Overlooked Hurdle in Accelerating GTM Execution: Closing the Deal

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These days, there are more options for CRM admins. Why resign yourself to an option that isn’t formulated to match your Go-to-Market strategy and execution?

Join the Experts

Sean Whitestone

Operating Partner

Venture Tech Group

Mark Lerner

Director of Growth Marketing


RevOps professionals are laser-focused on improving the customer experience from end to end, but aren’t we forgetting something? Many companies overlook the end-user (both internal and external) experience during the quoting and closing process. Lengthy legal procedures, slow approvals, and confusing quotes can all hinder customer satisfaction.

Join us for a fascinating session where industry experts Mark Lerner (Director of Growth Marketing at DealHub) and Sean Whitestone (Operating Partner at Venture Tech Group) will share their experiences, best practices, and insights on optimizing the Quote to Cash process. Discover what features and functionality are essential for scaling this critical aspect of your operations, especially if you’re a Salesforce admin looking to streamline your processes.

What you’ll learn

  • Ensuring Seamless Integration: Understand the importance of Salesforce integration for a unified sales process and operational efficiency.
  • Optimized Quoting and Pricing: Learn how to streamline the quoting process to ensure fast, accurate quotes with minimal IT intervention.
  • The Importance of Guided Selling: Discover how and why guided selling features are crucial to enhancing product fit, increasing deal size, and driving revenue growth.
  • Managing Subscriptions and Billing: Explore effective subscription management and agile billing strategies to maximize recurring revenue and billing accuracy.

Stay tuned. More events coming soon