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How Radar Healthcare accelerated its sales cycle with DealHub CPQ

Guided selling has been transformative to Radar Healthcare’s team, and the results show in increased revenue. In fact, the DealHub CPQ is so easy to use that Radar Healthcare was able to seal a deal after a short demo at a conference booth.

With an ever-changing regulatory environment, care providers, the NHS, and commissioners are all facing increased pressures, both operationally and commercially. Radar Healthcare’s software helps monitor quality and compliance by providing full, real-time visibility of information across one or multiple services to help organizations across health and social care improve quality and compliance. Trusted by more than 70K users, Radar Healthcare sought to improve its sales process in order to support its growing sales team, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue.


Inefficient sales process

Radar Healthcare is a dynamic company, providing a smart, innovative solution to healthcare and social care providers. The company, founded in 2012, has grown significantly in recent years and needed a sales process to support this growth.

Radar Healthcare was seeking a solution that would enable its sales team to configure pricing and generate quotes quickly, as well as streamline the deal process, avoiding any bottlenecks or blockers.

Updated pricing and quote accuracy

One of Radar Healthcare’s goals was to find a CPQ solution that would enable salespeople to generate quotes quickly, without sacrificing accuracy. Creating accurate quotes requires well-maintained and constantly updated price and product lists, and making those lists available and easily accessible to sales professionals.

Fast implementation and easy management

When seeking a CPQ solution, Radar Healthcare required one that would be quick to implement. Wanting to empower the sales team, an intuitive and user-friendly tool was an absolute must.


Quick onboarding and adoption

Before working with DealHub CPQ, the sales team at Radar Healthcare consisted of five representatives. Now the team has grown to nearly 30, with DealHub CPQ empowering a quick ramp-up and smooth onboarding.

Radar Healthcare is now able to increase deal volume without slowing down ongoing business.

Guided selling

Autonomizing their salespeople was key for Radar Healthcare, on its journey to growing its team and its operations. Thanks to DealHub’s dynamic playbooks, the sales team has been transformed.

No longer relying on long product and pricing lists for configuration, has made a huge difference for beginner and veteran sales professionals alike.

DealHub’s guided selling playbooks are intuitive and question-based, with one answer leading to the next question and so on, until a cohesive and accurate proposal is produced.

Accelerated sales cycle with DealRoom

Previously Radar Healthcare found the process of creating price quotes difficult to control and oversee as it lacked visibility and transparency in key decision-maker engagement. DealHub’s DealRoom changed all that by enabling Radar Healthcare to deliver professionally articulated digital proposals with a full view of stakeholders’ engagement.

This has also allowed the automatic syncing of relevant information from Radar Healthcare’s CRM to its DealRoom, ensuring 100% data capture accuracy while saving hours of time for its sales team.

With full transparency and real-time collaboration under its control, Radar Healthcare is now able to accelerate sales processes, increase deal velocity, and serve a more modern buyer experience customized to its buyers’ needs, interests, and legal requirements.

Domain expertise and support

Radar Healthcare was seeking more than a great tool. They were looking for domain experts – a team of professionals with vast experience in implementation who could be trusted with setting up their CPQ to fit every requirement and need.

That domain expertise, along with DealHub’s full support model empowered Radar Healthcare in adopting the tool and keeping Sales confident and motivated.


Shorter deal processes

Using DealHub CPQ, Radar Healthcare is now able to streamline its deal process. This new visibility makes the process much more efficient, leading the team to closing more deals and doing it faster.

Streamlining the workflows has transformed the experience for both sales professionals and their customers.

The team is more confident throughout the deal process, including the agreement, legal docs, etc., and appears more professional, which leads to better customer perception.

Increased revenue and growth

Guided selling has been transformative to Radar Healthcare’s team, and the results show in increased revenue. In fact, the DealHub CPQ is so easy to use that Radar Healthcare was able to seal a deal after a short demo at a conference booth.

When asked why they think they’re closing more deals, the salespeople at Radar Healthcare answered that it’s thanks to the fact that they now look professional in the quotes they’re sending out.

Solutions Used

Guided Selling

“One of DealHub’s major benefits is that we’re closing deals much faster than previously thanks to the sales team feeling more confident, which elevates customer perception of Radar Healthcare as a company.”


Simon Qasir, Chief Revenue Officer | Radar Healthcare