DealHub Buyer Journey

Provide a rich & personalized buying experience throughout 
the buying journey – from prospect to close. 

Top of the Funnel

Make an Impression

Assemble a personalized DealHub for your buyer,
with interactive content to establish your value offering

Personalized Communication

  • Easy to use – customer information pulled straight
    from your Salesforce CRM
  • Personalized Proposals have a higher
    conversion %
  • Ease to Adopt – means this is fast to
    deploy and see results

Slide Deck / Video Explainer

  • Using only the content that meets
    the buyer’s needs
  • Learning which content accelerates the
    Sales Process

Call to Act

  • Bringing the buyer into an
    engagement process
  • Drive the engagement forward
  • Optimizing the engagement based
    on stage and purpose
MIDDLE of the Funnel

Solve Your Buyer’s Problem

All the relevant information your buyer needs
to make an informed decision

Case Study

Showing how you work with
Customers who have similar buyer
pains. Your buyer is not the only one!

ROI Calculator

Showing the Return on Investment your
buyer will receive


Telling the wider story of how your product or service brings value to the customer, with emphasis on your unique virtue as a vendor

Bottom of the Funnel

Closing the Deal

Completing the deal negotiation: pricing, legal, signing and payment

Configure Price Quote

  • Taking complex pricing SKU’s and
    breaking them down into easily
    adjustable and digestible outputs
  • Leveraging our logic to create a simpler
    and more time efficient process

Deal Documentation

  • All the relevent information in one
    easily accessible location (SOW,
    Solution Overview, Terms &
    Conditions, etc.)
  • Reducing friction and confusion
    throughout the buying process

Contract Management

  • Generate and share any documents
    needed throughout the sales process
  • Trackable, accurate and synced with
    your CRM

Guide rails around your sales journey