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New Integration Announcement: and DocuSign

Now our DealRoom also includes DocuSign integration for all of our customers who are already subscribed to DocuSign. and DocuSign are excited to announce our partnership, which allows our customers to move from Configured Price Quote to eSignature within the same DealRoom. This gives buyers everything they need in one place.

Benefits to Sales Teams:

  • One workflow to close each deal
  • Seamless horizontal connectivity between applications
  • Fast time to close with one comprehensive DealRoom

To get started, speak to your customer success manager and ask to see the new integration within your DealRoom. 


What our DealRoom allows you to do:

  • Share all your deal collateral in one DealRoom
  • Complete all your Opportunity stages in this one location from quote-to-close
  • Save time and effort logging in or connecting to multiple tools 
  • Track buyer engagement

The key to enabling a highly effective remote sales team is to provide the guided selling process that allows them to create highly professional proposals within minutes. Keeping the look and feel on brand, while also ensuring the correct margins and contract version are received. 

If you are new to DealHub and want to see how this would work for you, then fill out this form and we will show you. 

Your DealRoom will look something like this:

About DocuSign
DocuSign offers eSignature, a way to sign electronically on different devices. DocuSign has over 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries.

About DealHub
DealHub is a complete Deal Acceleration Platform that includes proprietary software solutions including: CPQ, CLM, Document Generation, and a DealRoom. DocuSign is now integrated with DealHub.


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