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Drive CPQ Adoption by Empowering Your Sales Reps With The Future of Sales Technology

Implementing sales technology that drives actual revenue impact is essential. However, sales reps don’t always adopt the tools provided to them. In the past, managers were content with throwing more and more tools at the problem, connecting them to a CRM, training people on what buttons to click, and hoping for the best.

Drive CPQ Adoption empower sales reps with the future of sales technology

A new generation of sales leadership understands that approach can burn through large percentages of their budget without showing any ROI. For these visionaries, the future lies in empowering sales reps with next-generation technology that is easy and effective enough to drive user adoption.

DealHub CPQ is that technology!

How to Drive Adoption of Sales Technology

Prior to today, driving the adoption of tools by sales reps relied mostly on mandates. Sales leaders learned about new tools from vendors and purchased the ones that promised to make an impact. Instructions to implement them were then handed down the chain of command. And at no point in this process was the sales rep–the actual end user of the tool–consulted.

Vendors sell to leadership, and so they speak in the language of leadership. They talk about strategic concepts like ROI and productivity. Sales reps don’t use this language. Sales reps talk about things like ease of use, delivering the right message to prospects at the right time, and cutting through the red tape created by management.

Combining the new technologies pushed by vendors with old ways of thinking created a disconnect. The result was a bunch of tools, many with overlapping capabilities, that weren’t even used.

DealHub CPQ ensures user adoption by offering the next-generation solution that focuses on empowering reps to use technology to sell smarter, instead of focusing on how technology can force reps to sell harder.

Here are just three examples of how we make that future today’s reality.

DealHub CPQ Simplicity Drives Sales Technology Adoption

The old way of generating quotes required sales reps to dig through tons of documentation, spread out across multiple departments and tools, only to then have to wait for their work to be checked by management.

In the new way, DealHub CPQ transforms sales reps from an afterthought at the end of a tech stack into the driving force behind it. Intuitive drop-down menus invite them to enter the critical details about their opportunities. Next, logic that is pre-defined by management is used to generate a 100% accurate quote automatically.

Instead of the old average of 90 minutes to create a quote, DealHub CPQ takes just 7. Reps can see their work quickly translated into an accurate quote that they can confidently present to their prospects. Instead of having to ask for sign offs and reviews, they feel they are trusted by leadership to handle the details of their quotes and continue selling without the need for constant, demoralizing, hand-holding by management.

Adopting Sales Technology for Our Remote Selling Reality

In the past, following leadership strategies required a rep to manually navigate across many different sales technologies in order to complete a long list of administrative procedures. In our remote selling reality, what used to be a nuisance is now a serious problem that cannot be ignored.

The reason is because the average mature company generates 80% of its revenues from the top 20% of its sales reps. But these ‘all-stars’ are

being given a higher volume of opportunities than ever before. And research shows that the additional administrative burden attached to them like:

  • 30% increase in meetings
  • 52% increase in the number of instant messages
    between 6pm and midnight
  • 100% increase in video calls

risks burning out these high performers just at the time they
are needed the most.

80% of revenues are brought in by 20% of sales reps

Our DealRoom is a new breed of CPQ that allows you to evolve past the use of disparate sales tools that forces sales reps to go to where the information is. It does this by creating full horizontal integration across every tool you use. Things like easy-to-follow pricing models and guided selling playbooks pull Information towards your sales reps, who are then empowered to be a centralized node in the middle of a web of relevant information.

By removing the unnecessary admin burdens,

Our DealRoom drops the average monthly sales admin time in a deal’s closing stages from 517 minutes to 87 for all won deals.

The old way of using technology to increase the burden on sales reps is replaced with a new future that decreases it. When reps experience a cutting-edge technology that works for them instead of the other way around, they are quick to adopt it.

And that adoption drives the incredible results you see with DealHub CPQ.

Effortless Onboarding Leads to Sales Technology Adoption

Old versions of sales technology were not designed with the end user in mind. The result has been a prioritization on features, with sales reps expected to learn how to navigate the tool. DealHub CPQ flips that dynamic on its head. Our solution offers just as much power and performance, but is designed for the way human sales reps actually work.

Our GUI is specifically structured to map on top of the way high-performing reps do their job. It speaks in their language in a way no solution has ever done before. All of the functionality that reps need like sending accurate quotes, cutting through management authorization red tape, delivering customized content at the right moment–it’s all directly in front of them in a single, easy to use platform.

This addition by subtraction lets you master the relationship between your human sales reps and your sales technology. It’s a future in which the balance between the two is so simple and so intuitive that sales reps are quick to adopt it. We’ve seen new sales reps outperform veterans by their second month.

It’s that future which DealHub CPQ makes available to you today. We are experts at accelerating:

  • Sales proposal creation
  • Margin Calculation
  • Discounting
  • Versioning
  • Workflow approvals
  • Sales cycle duration

DealHub CPQ has been selected as a Top-50 Sales Product by G2 (2020) and recognized as a leader in the CPQ Momentum Grid. We have innovated the next generation of CPQ to empower teams to connect their tech and their teams to send their revenues to new heights today and in the future.


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