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DealHub CPQ is Leading the Pack on G2 Crowd CPQ Grid | Winter 2019

DealHub’s winning streak continues as G2 Crowd once again recognizes DealHub CPQ as the Highest Performing CPQ software based on user satisfaction as well as 30 other categories including best support, best relationship, easiest set up and best meeting requirements. The G2 Crowd CPQ Grid® report ranks the best-in-class Configure-Price-Quote products, comparing their customer review ratings and vendor market presence.

G2 Crowd CPQ Software Grid

DealHub is honored to receive this recognition that our customers are receiving excellent value from our CPQ solution and outstanding support from our team of CPQ experts.

The G2 Crowd Grid® report is published quarterly to help CPQ buyers make the best decision when purchasing a Configure, Price, Quote solution that is right for their business. 25 vendors are compared based on customer satisfaction reviews from verified users, as well as market indicators such as social media presence and public business data.

Dealhub Receives Highest Rating in 30+ Categories

G2 Crowd Winter 2019 Grid Report for CPQ

DealHub’s near-perfect satisfaction ratings are higher than all CPQ vendors, even higher than Salesforce CPQ, a leader in the category. 100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 96% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend at a rate of 96%. is also rated highly in the Sales Engagement, Contract Management, Proposal, E-Signature, Sales Enablement, Salesforce CRM Document Generation categories.

DealHub’s Success is Built on a Customer-First Focus

Eyal Orgil, Chief Revenue Officer at DealHub, said of this success, “the key to mutual success is to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue, share best-practice recommendations and respond to customer requirements as they evolve over time. In the world of digital sales, nothing is static – our relationship with our customers is continually maturing, and we always strive to ensure that all product decisions add the greatest possible value.

DealHub CPQ’s Value-Added Benefits

DealHub CPQ is easy to use and implement. Simply plug in your products and pricing, configure your business rules, and start quoting. The following built-in benefits allow sales teams to adopt our CPQ software quickly and see value immediately:

  • Guided Selling – Sales playbooks with a questions-based flow allow salespeople to focus on customer needs, produce customized quotes and track buyer engagement.
  • Easy Configuration – An intuitive and highly agile solution to simplify complex price configuration.
  • Reduces Administrative Tasks – Automated sales tasks ease administrative burden.
  • Customizable Quotes – Customizable quotes and proposals ensure the buyer’s needs are at the forefront of every touchpoint.
  • Aligns with Corporate Policies and Legal Requirements – Standardized guidelines ensure every team member complies with corporate policies and legal requirements.
  • Syncs with Your CRM – Data is automatically synced with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Considering a CPQ solution for your company? DealHub must be on your short list!

Sign up here to schedule a demo to see for yourself how DealHub CPQ can set up your sales team for success.



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DealHub Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Sales Software for 2024

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