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DealHub.io Named ‘Hot Vendor’ in Sales Engagement by Aragon Research

Los Altos (CA) and Tel Aviv (Israel), June 7, 2018 – DealHub.io was recognized today by Aragon Research as a ‘Hot Vendor’ in the ‘Hot Vendors for Sales Engagement 2018’* report.

DealHub Named Hot Vendor in Sales Engagement

DealHub.io eliminates the need for fragmented stacks of siloed sales engagement tools by offering a single, unified, AI-enabled platform for the entire sales process. DealHub provides sales professionals a consistent environment to meet, engage, and collaborate online with their buyers on the most relevant, personalized and dynamic content while gaining real-time insights on buyer engagement and disposition.

“We believe our selection by Aragon Research as a ‘Hot Vendor’ validates our mission to drive sales through engaging, person-based dialogue across all stages of the buyer journey,” said DealHub.io CEO, Eyal Elbahary. “We’re honored to have been recognized as a ‘Hot Vendor’ in the rapidly growing Sales Engagement Platform market.”

DealHub.io Leads the Sales Engagement Platform Market

The demand for Sales Engagement Platforms continues to grow as organizations look to eliminate their fractured sales tools and gain greater insight on the content they share with customers. Aragon Research estimates the SEP market will reach $5 billion by 2021.

DealHub in Action


*  Aragon Research “Hot Vendors in Sales Engagement, 2018” by Jim Lundy, 6/7/18.


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