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The Value of CPQ in Microsoft’s Relationship Sales Approach

With the trend toward digital engagement in sales, buyers are doing research, interacting with brands on social channels, and consuming content in an effort to make an informed decision before their purchase.

relationship sales approach

Sellers who embrace this digital transformation and focus on building relationships with buyers at multiple touchpoints in their sales journey are finding to determine and anticipate buyer needs effectively.

Microsoft’s Relationship Sales Approach

Microsoft’s Inside Sales team is an excellent example of this relationship sales approach. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, they have built an ecosystem that enables sales professionals to understand their customers, connect with them on a personal level, and offer solutions based on a complete picture of the customer and their needs. Using Dynamics 365 for Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and PointDrive, sales teams are empowered to take a social, relationship-oriented approach to selling.

In a recent article on the LinkedIn Sales Blog, Debbie Dunnam, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft stated, “We’re ready to meet our customers at the right point in their journey, with the right touch at the right time to drive business success. With this approach to customer engagement, we’re creating an industry standard in digital selling.” She goes on to say, “Increasingly, customer needs are shifting to a digital engagement model… They want to engage with us in a timely and straightforward way and talk to a knowledgeable and very-informed seller.”

Debbie Dunnam Microsoft quote relationships in sales

How CPQ Enhances the Buyer Relationship

The buyer relationship begins with a digital handshake – the buyer comes into the relationship after doing their research, and the seller has done their homework on the buyer and their needs. What happens after that initial contact is where CPQ shines. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software enables sales reps to produce accurate quotes quickly based on preconfigured pricing and discounting models. Using guided selling and following a sales playbook, the sales rep easily gathers the information needed to determine the buyer’s needs and adds value by recommending the right products or services based on those needs. This buyer-centric approach establishes a solid buyer relationship.

In their article on leveraging partner apps for a seamless configure-price-quote experience, Microsoft stresses the benefit of providing an extraordinary buyer experience by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales integrated with a partner CPQ solution. is included in the article as a leading CPQ partner app by Microsoft. You’ll find DealHub in the App Settings > Partner Apps tab of Dynamics 365 for Sales or by searching. Be sure to request a free trial.

DealHub Microsoft AppSource for relationship sales

DealHub Extends the Buyer Relationship Within Dynamics 365 for Sales

As a Microsoft partner app, DealHub is native within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. All customer data and notes that are stored in Dynamics 365 integrate seamlessly with our CPQ and Sales Engagement Platform. You will be confident in your ability to access customer information effortlessly.

DealHub is proud to align with Microsoft’s customer focus and approach to relationship selling. We understand that buyers demand a fast, intuitive, personalized, and insightful buying experience. Every price quote is sent within a personalized DealRoom which delivers to the buyer not only the quote but supporting sales collateral. The old way of communicating back and forth with buyers over multiple emails is eliminated, and one email is sent with a complete, personalized picture of the seller’s product, price quote, and supporting content needed to make an informed decision. The DealRoom can easily be shared internally with decision-makers.

DealHub’s Sales Engagement Platform includes CPQ and features an Activity Stream which tracks buyer engagement with proposals in real-time. Insights and deep learning help sales teams optimize sales processes and grow revenue. DealHub users see a 78% faster response to customers. The ability to respond faster to customers and close deals more efficiently leads to a 27% higher win rates.

Watch this video to learn how DealHub CPQ addresses the challenges faced by Microsoft Dynamics 365 users and helps them develop better customer relationships through responsiveness and personalization:

DealHub operates natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and includes:

  • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)
  • Document Generation
  • Contract Management
  • E-signature
  • Real-time Engagement Analytics
  • Predictive Sales Playbooks
  • Interactive Content Sharing and Engagement

We invite you to learn more about DealHub CPQ integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and how we can empower your sales team to build better buyer relationships through our award-winning price quotation software.

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