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Top Account-Based Marketing Platforms 2021

The best account-based marketing platforms (ABM) empower sales teams to zero-in on valuable accounts. Getting ABM right means personalizing your messaging to each contact you reach out to, in order to capture their attention and gain their trust.

Top Account Based Marketing Programs 2021

Organized outreach, customized messaging, and the ability to follow up quickly and efficiently with additional content are all hallmarks of effective ABM marketing strategies that empower sales teams to use their sales processes to achieve more revenue.

Below, we look at the top account-based marketing platforms:

6 Sense is a top-rated revenue growth platform that senses buyer behavior and makes predicting sales easier. This solution identifies accounts that are the right market for your products and services. 6 Sense prioritizes activities to encourage closing on more deals. Keep buyers engaged with personalized communications.

6 Sense provides data on many metrics that generate actionable insights. Access the “dark funnel” or buyers that perform anonymous research related to your market. AI predictions determine who is going to buy. Also, 6 Sense provides personalized sales resources to drive revenues.

  • Access buyers in the Dark Funnel
  • AI-based predictions
  • Free personalized sales resources
  • Data Insights on a variety of metrics
  • Identification of accounts in-market for your solution


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ClickDimensions is an account based selling platform for Microsoft Dynamics. It combines digital marketing applications, marketing analytics, and marketing services into a single marketing cloud. It provides campaign automation, email marketing, web intelligence, and more to help teams achieve more from their account based programs. In addition, it links your marketing data to Microsoft Dynamics’ CRM reports, so all activities and conversations get associated with a corresponding CRM record.

  • Surveys
  • Web intelligence
  • Lead scoring
  • Landing pages
  • Social posting


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Unify your marketing strategy and share data and insights with your entire team. The ABM or Account-Based Marketing strategy will target and engage groups of buyers in individual accounts. DemandBase helps you find the accounts that will be the most profitable and engage across channels. Businesses that use DemandBase for ABM express their satisfaction; 80% of these customers agree that DemandBase has improved their ROI.

This solution combines the best of traditional marketing with its precision and scale with account-based focus. DemandBase uncovers accounts with high-intent, which will provide the most value for your company.

  • Toolkit to unify sales and marketing
  • Market segmentation playbook
  • Omnichannel Engagement
  • Precision-based account selection
  • Full Account-Based marketing solution


(Photo credit: DemandBase) is a demand generation platform for pipeline. Users can research target accounts and find the right fit for both their products and services. AI-driven campaign testing provides an empirical basis for what works and what doesn’t. In addition, human customer success managers help with audience targeting and creatives.  Metadata also cross-references leads against a database of known companies, providing insight into pipeline quality. Data is also actionable in real-time to enrich target accounts and provide a closed-loop attribution process for every account your sales reps spend their time engaging with.

  • Target account lists
  • Identity matching technology to establish lead quality
  • Data-driven insights for for targeting, creatives, and UTM parameters
  • Corproate audience matching
  • Use with account-based and demand-generation funnels

(Photo credit:

Terminus is an ABM platform designed to empower sales teams go grow revenue at every stage of an organization’s revenue journey. It’s B2B account database provides information on more than 67 million businesses. By combining this 3rd party data with your own, you can creat dynamic account targeting lists of highly relevant leads.

Terminus also automates campaigns, so you deliver the most relevant message to the right audience in multiple ways including retargeting ads, LinkedIn, website personalization, and more.

  • Firmographic and ontent lead data
  • See which accounts are visiting your website
  • AI-driven account prioritization
  • Customizable revenue analytics
  • Dynamic email ads


(Photo credit: Terminus)

Marketo takes the work out of identifying accounts that will provide value. This solution uses AI to build target account lists in seconds. Predictive scoring indicates which accounts are the best fit for your company. There is no need simply to guess with endless data points across the web; Marketo will translate the data into insights that increase efficiency. Partner sooner on the same target accounts with sales to start working sooner. Marketo prioritizes accounts based on performance, engagement, scores, and rank. Unify your ABM strategy across multiple channels, including email, mobile, ads, and webinars.

  • Measure ABM by revenue, pipeline, and engagement
  • Perform Marketo for Lead Management
  • All ABM essentials in one solution
  • Cross channel campaign automation
  • Account-based revenue analytics


(Photo credit: Marketo)

Achieve More Revenue with ABM + Account Based Selling

Account-based marketing personalizes messaging with prospects and leads. But to achieve maximum revenue impact, it should be combined with account-based selling (ABS). Together, these two ensure a level of personalization that provides a consistent customer experience.

Teams that don’t follow up on ABM with ABS trade personalized, impactful messaging for generic sales copy. This slows sales cycles by missing a golden opportunity to empathize and differentiate yourself from the competition.

DealHub empowers sales teams to create personalized experiences from quote to close. To learn how our advanced technology can help you grow revenue, click here.



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