Sales reps at sales kickoff 2022
Sales Kickoff

Show Your Sales Reps Love at SKO 2022: Increase Their Average Deal Size by 15%

Sales kickoff 2022 is a celebration of sales representatives. But despite all the respect and kudos that sales leaders may give their team, they can do a lot more to help them succeed. Exceptional reps pride themselves – and make a living – based on closing deals and making a direct impact on revenue, and DealHub CPQ empowers them to increase their average deal size by 15%.

Manual quoting processes are no longer enough to maintain an edge in today’s competitive landscape. Even the best sales reps will fail to close deals as quickly and effectively as the competition when they’re forced to spend hours performing administrative tasks. And speed is critical to achieving higher revenue – research shows that the first sales rep to respond to a prospect closes the deal 50% of the time.

Our powerful CPQ gives sales teams next-generation CPQ technology that streamlines the quote-to-cash process and enables them to make strategic pricing decisions. It also reduces time-to-proposal by 80% by replacing time-consuming manual tasks with automation at every stage of the quote-generation process.

Here’s how today’s leaders of high-performing sales teams are showing their reps the love they deserve…

Guided-selling sales playbooks

DealHub CPQ eliminates the need for sales reps to dig through price and product lists in order to create a quote. Our unique guided-selling sales playbooks invite reps to answer a series of questions about any given deal. By ingesting information about the buyer profile, products, geography and more, DealHub CPQ generates a quote that’s tailored to the exact needs of the buyer – and aligned with the company’s best practices around pricing, sales margins and discounts.

Sales leaders can input pricing strategies into our guided selling playbooks a single time, and then let their reps use them to generate 100% accurate quotes for every single deal. Not only does this eliminate the risk of manual quoting errors and outdated pricing or product information, but it also enables reps to make smart selling decisions that maximize deal size and optimize revenue.

Our guided selling playbooks have been shown to reduce the average amount of time it takes to create a quote – down to 8 minutes from the 90 minutes it takes with manual processes.

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Quote approval workflows

Reps often make changes to quotes – by offering discounts or other incentives – in order to increase their odds of closing a deal. These changes often require them to get approval from management before the quote is sent out. (And in cases where they’re giving an inappropriately large discount, this is for the best.)

But these approvals can take days, or even weeks, when handled manually. Making matters worse, sales leaders often have inconsistent ideas about what kind of discount should be offered to prospects. As a result, it often takes so long for discounts or changes to be approved, that deals are routinely held up due to bureaucratic delay.

DealHub CPQ streamlines the approval process by allowing sales leaders to set maximum discounting rules. Any discount offered below that threshold gets automatically approved, while discounts offered above that threshold are sent for approval via an automated workflow. And when multiple approvals are required, discounts can simultaneously pass through parallel approval workflows. This  automated approach fast-tracks quotes that conform to the company’s sales strategy, while ensuring those that don’t are correctly routed to leadership for review.

This enables leadership to protect margins and put pricing guardrails in place – giving reps the freedom to make independent decisions about their deals, without straying from the defined sales strategy.

Subscription management

DealHub CPQ offers powerful subscription management capabilities that make it easy to quickly and efficiently handle recurring revenue contracts. This is opposed to manual quoting, which forces reps to hunt through previous deals to find something that’s similar, or to create a new quote for a product mix (requiring them to reference existing contract.)

DealHub CPQ standardizes subscriptions with rule-based logic. This rule-based logic sets deal terms that are in line with leadership’s expectations for every prospect and product mix, every single time.

This enables sales leaders to automate the subscription-renewal process, eliminating reps’ need to spend time manually renewing existing deals. And as before, the discounting-approval process ensures sales leaders can always maintain their pricing strategy.

DealHub CPQ also maximizes upsell, cross-sell and bundling opportunities by automating the price- and product-combination process. This way, reps don’t need to spend their time trying to find the optimal mix to offer prospects. Instead, DealHub CPQ automatically evaluates the different pricing and product combinations that can be offered, in order to generate the option with the greatest revenue potential.

Show your reps love at sales kickoff 2022

Your annual sales kickoff is a celebration of your sales organization. It’s an opportunity for sales leaders to show their appreciation by setting up their sales team for success in the coming year. To do that, leaders must prioritize enabling them with the next-generation sales tools they need to execute deals and stay a step ahead of the competition.

And this starts at the quote stage of a deal. By “automating away” the manual processes that prevent reps from delivering quotes and proposals to their prospects as quickly as possible, sales leaders  will give them a significant edge in the race to closing deals and maximizing revenue.

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DealHub CPQ has been recognized as a Leader by G2 in its Grid® Report for CPQ. We’ve innovated the next generation of CPQ software to empower teams to connect their tech stack, and enable teams to take their revenue to new heights.

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