Redefine your remote selling strategy to achieve more revenue

Redefine Your Remote Selling Strategy to Achieve More Revenue

Creating quality touchpoints with prospects is a critical task for Sales Operations leaders. In the past, sales reps could rely on opportunities for face to face interaction to create the quality interactions that smash quota. But today, our reality has shifted to place more importance than ever before on digital connections.

Forward-thinking leaders are reacting quickly to this shift. It’s no longer enough to get insights from conversations alone. These visionaries are staying ahead of the digital transformation curve by evolving their sales technologies to win this remote selling future.

And our innovative DealRoom is how they are having the future of sales delivered to them right now!

Here are three ways we are keeping sales teams ahead of the remote selling curve:

Evolving Your Internal Sales Enablement Processes

In the past, chaotic and decentralized processes were the norm. Opportunities generated tons of administrative tasks. Things like reps needing to work across tons of different sales technologies, a flood of manual requests to management asking for margin/discounting approvals, and mile-long email chains between departments whenever contract terms needed to be negotiated.

With our innovative DealRoom reps get all of the essential information they need from across all their technologies in a single, easy to use place. And it’s coupled with a communications superhighway that reduces sales admin by automating workflow approvals and sending notifications automatically to different departments.

By automating away these inefficient manual processes, our DealRoom decreases sales admin time by more than 80% for all won deals.

Get New Insights Into Your Prospects’ Digital Touchpoints

Before now, internal sales operations when working on a deal could be mostly reactive. Sales reps went out into the field (virtual or otherwise), interacted with prospects, and recorded these interactions in various sales tools. Leaders then analyzed the data after the fact and delivered feedback for future improvement. Nearly everything about the process was backward-looking and reactive.

This is why despite the fact that digital touchpoints have increased 2x-3x, nearly half of companies believe the quality of their touchpoints is down. Digital interactions create a wealth of data, but leaders are hesitating to capture it for their Sales teams.

With our DealRoom, you empower sales reps to read the digital signals and disposition of prospects. Reps can see how prospects engage with proposals and quotes, get insights into hidden stakeholder engagement, and judge the right time to follow up based on content engagement velocity.

This is the future of sales enablement technology because it is proactive, not reactive. It takes the touchpoints currently being misunderstood or ignored and

sales engagement insights help sales reps sell effectively

transforms them into a digital body language offering unprecedented insights. That gives leadership the edge it needs to capture more revenues from the competition.

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Deliver Exactly What Your Prospects Need

Historically, sales reps have demanded more than they realize from their prospects. Prospects needed to wade through a mess of generic sales content, work through multiple channels to communicate with internal and external stakeholders, and sometimes wait days for responses to their questions.

DealRoom evolves past this by empowering reps to deliver a single, customizable experience to their prospects. Customized content delivered to confirm a specific use case can be delivered easily. All of it is in a central location, making it easy for multiple stakeholders to find and collaborate on. And automatic notifications make sure reps respond quickly, so they never let an opportunity slip away due to inaction. 

Our next-generation DealRoom provides real-time digital signals that give you never before possible insights into buyer behavior. It’s the advanced technology a new generation of sales leadership needs in order to empower sales reps to engage with buyers effectively.

We deliver the future of sales enablement technology today by accelerating the processes that empower companies to win more opportunities today:

  • Generate custom content and see prospect interaction in real-time
  • Eliminate sales administrative tasks and let reps get back to selling
  • A single platform to unify the entire sales tech stack
  • And more!

DealHub CPQ has been selected as a Top-50 Sales Product by G2 and recognized as a leader in the CPQ Momentum Grid. We have innovated the next generation of CPQ to empower teams to connect their tech and their teams to send their revenues to new heights today and in the future.