How DealHub CPQ Maximizes Subscription Management Revenue

How DealHub CPQ Maximizes Subscription Management Revenue

The subscription economy is booming. Research across all sectors and industries shows subscription revenue increased 18% since March 2020. But to maximize that opportunity, you need to get the original pricing quote right. In the past, sales leadership could downplay the impact of long, drawn out manual processes that often generate inaccurate price quotes.

Today’s visionary sales leaders know that’s no longer an option. They recognize proven revenue sources are too valuable to be taken for granted, and they are prioritizing the implementation of automated sales technology solutions that quickly generate 100% accurate price quotes.

DealHub CPQ + Subscription Management is that solution!

Achieve revenue efficiency with DealHub CPQ and subscription management

Why Subscription Management Requires Accurate Quotes

Getting the original pricing quote right is essential to maximizing revenue because B2B subscription deals present unique revenue challenges.

First, negotiations with buyers frequently result in sales reps offering discounts. A rep worried about hitting quota can ‘go rogue’ and offer a steep discount to a potential client that undercuts the margin strategy set by leadership. Without guardrails to prevent this kind of behavior, potential revenue is lost and sales leaders struggle to know if their strategy is really effective.

Second, the payment terms of the contract, including discounting and custom pricing rules, are set during the original deal negotiation. Failing to maximize payment terms at that time locks you into sub-optimal terms for the entire duration of the contract. That can result in months or even years of missed opportunity to maximize revenue.

Third, sellers must clearly communicate the scope of services throughout the duration of the contract. If they don’t, the terms they offer may commit them to things that significantly decrease the value of the deal when it renews. And even if the letter of an agreement is in their favor, a dispute with a buyer can cause them to cancel their  subscription altogether. A possible example

Accurate price quotes maximize the revenue opportunity

of this is providing more hands-on support options in the first year of a contract, but not in subsequent years of the deal.

How DealHub CPQ + Subscription Management Amplifies Revenue

Unifying DealHub CPQ  eliminates all of these challenges by letting you quickly create 100% accurate price quotes, every time. It’s the future of sales technology, put into your hands today.

Control discount approvals and automate subscription renewals

DealHub CPQ places guardrails around sales reps so they cannot offer anything that undercuts the strategy set by leadership.

Instead of dealing with rogue employees offering discounts that harm margins, our CPQ automates margin and discounting approvals based on limits pre-defined by management. Sales reps can use them to quickly send quotes that remain within the parameters authorized by leadership.

“As an administrator you can tailor questions for your Sales Team to allow for easy proposal generation. Building in product bundle variants, conditional pricing, and approvals lends itself to process standardization which enables our Sales reps to sell faster without hours of training.”

Ryley Giard, Salesforce Solutions Architect

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Maximize upsell, cross-sell, and bundling opportunities

DealHub CPQ fully controls the subscription process and unifies it with sales workflows. Instead of digging through spreadsheets to manually assemble a quote, sales reps can have the optimal mix of products automatically generated for them. It’s next generation technology that can find the correct configuration of personalized pricing, upsells, and bundles to maximize revenue.

Standardize subscriptions with rule-based logic

DealHub CPQ lets leadership create a single ‘subscription playbook’ to standardize subscription  so the terms of the deal are set correctly every time.

Instead of having to wade through contracts to ensure terms are favorable, sales reps can use rule-based logic to deliver contract terms that meet leadership expectations. However, that doesn’t mean playbooks are static. They can be changed by management quickly and easily to reflect new strategies, making them the dynamic solution to maintaining tactical continuity even as strategy evolves.

DealHub CPQ has been selected as a Top-50 Sales Product by G2 and recognized as a leader in the CPQ Momentum Grid. We have innovated the next generation of CPQ to empower teams to connect their tech and their teams to send their revenue to new heights today and in the future.