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How sales process automation can increase revenue

Manual sales management processes are always inefficient. Today’s modern sales organization, and the co-dependencies it has with other departments, make it impossible to keep up with everything needed to compete in the marketplace. Even the best leadership and management teams struggle to maximize their revenue impact without next-generation technology.

achieve more revenue with DealHub next-generation sales management process automation

Teams that don’t adapt to meet these challenges face a litany of problems they will struggle to overcome. Internally, the complexity of business requirements will overwhelm sales teams’ tactical abilities, creating a dangerous situation where strategic vision cannot be realized. Externally, execution is slow to materialize, leading the door wide open to competitors to be first to act, out manoeuvring your reps.

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is that next-generation technology that empowers sales teams to automate their sales processes and capture more revenue than ever before.

Why Is the Manual Sales Management Process so Inefficient?

Manual sales processes require leadership, management, and sales reps to perform complex tasks on their own.

One problem is the manual sales quote process is slow and error-prone. Reps must use spreadsheets and other product/pricing documentation to create a quote. Changes in pricing strategies or product offerings may not be communicated, filling quotes with outdated information. Manual calculations easily miss product dependencies, upselling, and cross-selling opportunities. Communication via email chains or in-office conversations risks confusion if/when things fall through the cracks.

Approvals–both during the quoting and contract negotiation phases–are also problematic. Reps can wait days or more for permission to offer discounts, slowing down buyer engagement and giving competitors an opportunity to hijack the conversation. During contract negotiations, getting approval for every change requested by a department adds additional roadblocks that can stall a deal at a time when prospects are looking to sign on the dotted line.

In addition to the approvals process, just managing the conversation between multiple internal and external stakeholders to arrive at a single, agreed-upon version, is hard. Every stakeholder change requested requires reconciling and cross-checking new language–potentially reopening discussion on things already agreed upon.

Automate the Sales Management Process with DealHub’s Next-Generation Technology

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is the next-generation technology today’s highest-performing sales teams use to eliminate the manual sales processes that cause these inefficiencies.

100% Accurate Price Quotes

DealHub CPQ offers you advanced guided selling playbooks to ensure accurate price quotes. Leadership can input their product/pricing strategy, which includes the most up-to-date information, into a rules-based engine. Reps just need to answer a series of questions about their deal in order to have that strategy automatically applied to generate a 100% accurate quote.

Automated Approval Workflows

DealHub CPQ allows sales management to set maximum discount thresholds. Any quote below the threshold is automatically approved. This empowers reps to make intuitive decisions about how to manage their relationships with prospects, while still placing guardrails around reps that ensure margin protection against ‘rogue’ discounting.

Automated Contract Lifecycle Management

During contract negotiations, DealRoom’s advanced contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology streamlines redline approvals. With DealRoom, all changes are made in a single place, so stakeholders can see the correct, current version. In addition, every change automatically triggers a notification to every relevant stakeholder. Instead of multiple email threads creating multiple “final” versions of a contract, there is a single source of truth that accurately reflects everyone’s input.

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom Achieves More Revenue

In the past, it was enough to streamline manual sales processes. Organized teams could expect to outperform their less organized competition. However, in today’s new reality, this is no longer enough. Today’s highest-performing sales teams use technology to automate the sales management process and eliminate manual processes entirely.

Companies that don’t evolve to this new way of doing things will be left behind. If you are currently using manual processes, then you are achieving less revenue than you would with automation. Automation delivers accurate quotes quickly, streamlines approval workflows, and automates some of the most time consuming aspects of contracts.

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is the next-generation technology that gives you unprecedented ability to sell with precision, engage with buyers effectively, and find the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

DealHub CPQ has been selected as a Top-50 Sales Product by G2 and recognized as a leader in the CPQ Momentum Grid. We have innovated the next generation of CPQ to empower teams to connect their tech and their teams to send their revenue to new heights today and in the future.

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