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Top 10 CPQ features every HubSpot user must know

HubSpot is a frontrunner in the marketing and sales automation ecosystem. Yet, for businesses aiming to supercharge their internal processes, more can be done to accelerate sales pipelines and find new revenue opportunities. To truly bring revenue recognition to the forefront of your sales strategy, you should consider integrating a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system into HubSpot – it’s a game-changer!

Top 10 CPQ features every HubSpot user must know

However, with the myriad CPQ features available, which ones truly stand out for HubSpot users?

Today, we aim to answer that question based on our years of experience helping DealHub customers integrate CPQ with HubSpot CRM. Think of this as your comprehensive guide to understanding and harnessing the power of CPQ within the HubSpot landscape

Venture with us as we unpack why CPQ and HubSpot fit hand in glove and lay out the transformative CPQ features you’re missing out on if you’re only dealing with HubSpot as a CRM. We’ll even provide a real-world example of how one DealHub company leveraged HubSpot and CPQ to ensure ongoing sales success.

Before we get into all of that, let’s start at the beginning by exploring CPQ and how it extends the value of HubSpot.

Why integrate CPQ with HubSpot

Imagine this: you’re running a bustling business, juggling leads, customers, and deals. You’re using HubSpot for its incredible CRM capabilities, and it’s serving you well. But what if there was a way to supercharge your sales process by streamlining your approach to delivering quotes? This is where Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) comes in to take your business to the next level.

CPQ is the secret weapon that can make your sales cycle smoother, faster, and more accurate. It’s a set of tools and features designed to help you configure complex products, price them accurately, and generate compelling quotes, all seamlessly integrated with your HubSpot CRM. 

If you haven’t fully capitalized on CPQ within HubSpot, here’s why it’s worth your attention:

1. Seamless data synchronization

CPQ is that essential missing link that helps your HubSpot CRM and sales quoting system speak the same language. Information flows smoothly between the two, keeping your data accurate and up to date. No more manual data entry or quoting errors caused by outdated information!

2. Guided selling

Imagine if your sales team had a personal coach guiding them through each deal. That’s what CPQ’s guided selling does. It helps your salespeople make the right choices, ensuring they configure products that match the customer’s needs. The result? More successful deals and happier customers.

3. Dynamic pricing models

Pricing is a make-or-break element in any deal. With CPQ’s dynamic pricing models, you can price your products based on various factors, such as quantity, discounts, or customer type. This flexibility helps you stay competitive and win more deals.

4. Product catalog

Effortlessly manage your product catalog within HubSpot with CPQ. You can organize your offerings, track changes, and ensure your sales team always has the latest product information at their fingertips.

5. Automated discounting

Say goodbye to the headache of manual discount calculations. CPQ automates the discounting process, ensuring that your sales team applies discounts consistently and accurately without affecting your profit margins.

6. Customizable quote templates

Your quotes should look as good as your products or services. CPQ lets you create custom templates to match your brand’s style, ensuring every quote is impressive and professional.

7. Approval workflows

CPQ brings structure to your quoting process with approval workflows. You can set rules for who needs to approve quotes, ensuring that everything goes smoothly with the right checks and balances. When companies use CPQ, they can experience up to 5X faster quote approvals

8. Automated Renewals

For businesses with subscription-based services, automated renewals are a godsend. CPQ takes care of the renewal process, ensuring you don’t miss out on recurring revenue opportunities.

9. Complete Revenue Workflow

CPQ can handle everything from configuration to contract management and subscription management. It’s the complete package for managing your revenue, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

10. eSignature

Closing deals often requires signatures. With built-in eSignature capabilities, CPQ streamlines this process, making it easy for your customers to sign on the dotted line. In fact, when eSignatures are used, 79% of agreements are signed within 24 hours, making deal turnarounds faster than ever. 

Integration tips and best practices

These CPQ features really begin to change the game when you learn how to integrate and optimize them within HubSpot. With seamless integration, your environment will operate efficiently and provide customers with an enjoyable user experience. So, to get your HubSpot and CPQ perfectly synced, try these essential best practices:

Streamlining HubSpot with CPQ Integration

Define clear processes. Before integrating CPQ with HubSpot, don’t skip the part where you define your sales and quoting processes. This ensures the integration aligns with your business goals and your team’s workflow.

Train your team. Your sales team is the heart of the process. Make sure they understand how to use the CPQ system effectively. Training is critical to achieving a smooth transition.

Data quality matters. Clean and accurate data is the foundation of any successful integration. Regularly review and update your data to prevent inaccuracies from creeping in.

Customization is critical. Maximize the potential of CPQ’s adaptable features. Customize them to fit your business requirements, ensuring they align seamlessly with your operations.

Maintain continuous monitoring. Integration is an ongoing process. Continuously monitor your system’s performance, seek feedback from your team, and make adjustments as needed.

Leverage support. HubSpot and CPQ providers often offer support and resources to help with integration. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

Measure and analyze. Use data analytics to track the impact of CPQ on your sales cycle. Leveraging data will clarify what’s working and what needs improvement. Once you understand your sales landscape, you can adapt your strategies accordingly.

CPQ success stories

It’s time to take a peek behind the curtain and examine a real-world example of how HubSpot and CPQ can come together seamlessly. Luckily, DealHub has a perfect case study that hits close to home! Here’s how Edgio leveraged HubSpot and DealHub’s own CPQ solution to propel their revenue to new heights:

Edgio: Streamling Lead-to-Cash with CPQ

“DealHub gives us tremendous value in determining what are important deals for the company to execute in the quarter, what is the pipeline down the road, and how fast we can actually close the deal.”

Amy Mi, VP of Growth Operations: Edgio

Serving millions of customers worldwide, Edgio is a globally scaled edge-enabled software solutions provider that helps companies deliver extraordinary digital experiences, including faster websites, more responsive applications, the highest quality streaming, and more consistent game and software downloads, to any device.

Edgio faced complex pricing and bundling challenges and needed a CPQ solution that could seamlessly integrate with their HubSpot CRM. The company wanted quick and accurate quotes to stay competitive and needed a solution that was easy to implement and use.

Edgio harnessed DealHub’s Agile CPQ to optimize its lead-to-cash flow. They streamlined their processes and empowered their sales team to configure and price easily. The solution was customized to Edgio’s unique needs and implemented swiftly, with full support from DealHub and HubSpot.

The result? Edgio was able to generate quotes more quickly, manage deals more efficiently, and prioritize high-value deals. The agility of DealHub’s CPQ, used in tandem with their robust HubSpot CRM, empowered them to stay competitive and drive success.

Revenue growth is in your future

The future of CPQ for HubSpot users is bright. With a few essential CPQ features in your arsenal, you can close more deals, protect against agreement errors, and boost your sales. And having an integration between CPQ and HubSpot makes for a more efficient, accurate, and profitable sales cycle.

As the world of CPQ evolves, you can expect even more innovations to come. For example, AI and automation will further streamline processes, making your sales team more productive. Predictive analytics will ensure your sales team can better predict the upcoming business landscape, and advances in real-time pricing will help companies keep up with evolving demands. The future holds the promise of even more revenue growth.

If you’re a HubSpot user looking to take your sales to the next level, integrating CPQ is the way to go. With the right features, best practices, and some real-world use cases to assist you in modeling your own strategies, you’re well on your way to transforming your sales cycle and achieving unparalleled success. So, don’t wait – take the leap into the world of CPQ and find new ways to connect with clients while building a solid foundation for future revenue growth.



Top 10 CPQ features every HubSpot user must know

Top 10 CPQ features every HubSpot user must know

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