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The Top 10 Sales Operations Podcasts to Amplify Revenue Growth

The roles of sales operations and revenue operations are constantly evolving to meet the needs of B2B organizations and their customers. Staying up-to-date on best practices, technology, and strategy is challenging. As busy sales and revenue operations leaders, your time and the resources available to you for professional development are limited.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to get a behind-the-scenes look at how successful B2B companies are streamlining their sales processes, leveraging technology, and growing revenue? Listening to sales operations podcasts is a great way to stay current and learn new ways of meeting your revenue growth objectives. The podcasts below lift the veil on sales and revenue best practices. We hope you’ll give them a listen and apply what you learn in your organization.

The Top 10 Sales Operations Podcasts

Ready to accelerate your revenue growth? Listen to these top Sales Operations podcasts and learn from the brightest minds in sales and revenue operations.




We start our list with our own podcast, RevAmp. Over the last couple of years, effective revenue growth has become the hottest topic in successful B2B companies. The scope of the sales and revenue operations roles has changed, as have the recognition, expectations, and tools.

Seeing a need for high-quality resources for sales and revenue professionals to use as a benchmark or learning curve, we created the RevAmp podcast with your needs in mind. Hosted by VP of Growth and Marketing, Gideon Thomas, the RevAmp podcast is produced specifically to give a voice to the sales and revenue operations professionals who have invaluable experiences to share.

When you listen to the podcast directly on our website, you can use our unique search feature to filter episodes by company headcount, job title, and topic. You can listen to leaders just like you providing authentic, objective insights and best practices that have helped them grow revenue in their companies. New episodes launch every Thursday.

Sales Hacker Podcast

Producer: Sales Hacker

Sam Jacobs is the founder of Aqueduct Revenue Advisors and the New York Revenue Collective. Sam dives deep into the tactics and strategies used by other senior revenue leaders. The Sales Hacker Podcast is designed to give listeners practical insights about B2B sales. Episodes feature top VPs of sales, investors, and founders that help break down sales strategies and inspire listeners to achieve sales goals.

Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast

Producer: Gong


Reveal features interviews with expert sales practitioners and leaders discussing how they use revenue intelligence. Hosts Devin Reed and Sheena Badani are experienced sales practitioners and marketers who help revenue teams discover the power of their own customer reality with Revenue Intelligence. Podcast episodes include guests like Dan Shapero the CBO of LinkedIn, Matt Rosenburg the CRO of Compass, and Shimona Mehta the head of EMEA at Shopify.

Sales Ops Demystified

Producer: Ebsta


Sales Ops Demystified features discussions with top sales operations managers, asking and learning more about their best strategies in order to transform their listeners into “sales op ninjas.” Podcast episodes include Ed Stanton, former Director of Sales Operations at 3M, and Marissa White, Director of Revenue Operations at Perkbox.


Producer: Drift


Sean Lane is the Director of Operations at Drift. On the podcast, he talks about sales and business operations hacks and strategies that helped companies like Salesforce and Amazon scale through hypergrowth. The Operations podcast has episodes titled, “The Biggest Mistake that Ops Teams Make” and “How to Say No” which give listeners insight on how to be more efficient and effective in their sales operations roles.

Sales Pipeline Radio

Producer: Heinz Marketing

Matt Heinz is an author and award-winning blogger, as well as President and founder of Heinz Marketing. He has over 20 years of marketing, business development and sales experience. Sales Pipeline Radio brings on guests with tips to help listeners build out their sales pipeline. Episode topics include the newest marketing technology, case studies, pipeline management, and content strategy.

The SaaS Revolution Show

Producer: SaaStock


The SaaS Revolution Show speaks with legendary SaaS founders, executives, and investors from around the globe who offer expert insights on sales and revenue operations. Host Alex Theuma started a SaaS blog called SaaScribe which led to the creation of the first-ever podcast on B2B SaaS – The SaaS Revolution Show.  The podcast led to SaaStock, the largest B2B SaaS Conference in Europe.

Revenue Rebels

Producer: DemandLab


Rhoan Morgan is the CEO and co-founder of DemandLab, a marketing consultancy that focuses on technology. The Revenue Rebels podcast features thought leaders in customer-centric marketing and sales who have paved their way by breaking rules and disrupting their markets.

The Predictable Revenue Podcast

Producer: Predictable Revenue


Collin Stewart and Aaron Ross are the co-founder and co-CEOs of Predictable Revenue, an outbound sales development company. The Predictable Revenue Podcast teaches listeners how to build and scale an outbound sales team through effective sales and revenue enablement.

Sales Leadership Podcast

Producer: Xvoyant


Rob Jeppsen is the founder and CEO of Xvoyant, a leader in sales coaching platforms. On the podcast, Rob talks to experienced sales leaders who offer new ideas to help drive high growth with your team. Episodes cover topics you need to lead your sales team to success, including the best sales tools, tactics, and practices.

Top Resources for Sales Operations Professionals

DealHub is committed to creating and sharing the top resources for Sales Operations professionals. Our Blog, Resource Center, RevAmp Podcast are valuable sources of Sales Operations best practices, technology trends, and revenue growth strategies.



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