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CPQ Scope Checklist

The value of a good CPQ solution is in its power to optimize the effectiveness of sales teams, enabling them to convert more leads, close larger deals, send more proposals, and achieve shorter sales cycles. 

When choosing a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) vendor, it’s important to dig deep into the details and carefully consider key capabilities that will support your objectives.


Be sure that the CPQ vendor you choose checks all of these boxes.

Defining CPQ Key Capabilities – Checklist

Ability to align with any pricing structure required by the organization, with the ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice.

Automated cross-team workflows are in place to reduce teams’ manual work, drive efficiency, and streamline processes while ensuring all stakeholders are synced with a shared objective.

Fast implementation and easy management to keep up with the pace of today’s business environment, and drive revenue growth through its always current pricing, products, and subscription management.

Visibility and governance that ensures compliance and accurate forecasting; keeping data hygiene, tying back to a single source of truth, and fully integrated with the organization’s CRM and other solutions.

Digital DealRooms deliver a fully customizable and secure customer experience, storing all necessary information and supporting docs, and ensuring brand consistency.

Not all CPQs are created equal, so be sure to choose well when picking your CPQ solution

This choice should ideally be a cross-functional decision, taking into consideration the needs of various teams like Sales, Sales Operations, Revenue Operations, Finance, Legal, and Customer Success. 

Even with all the factors to consider in this complex decision, choosing the right CPQ doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Still have some lingering doubts about implementing a CPQ, like implementation duration, required resources, and costs? At DealHub, we’ve done the hard work for you by addressing your pain points.

Find out how DealHub Agile CPQ can help guide your CPQ journey to success.



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