Asure Software Realizes 190% ROI Within 6 Months

By Implementing DealHub’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Solution

The Challenge:

Building a Quote to Cash Process with Maximum Revenue Impact

Asure Software needed its CPQ to better engage with buyers effectively across its entire quote to cash process.

Its legacy solution required multiple third-party tools (document generation, eSignature, contract management) to close deals. That caused internal workflow bottlenecks, disconnected buyer experiences, and slow response times.

Product configurations were not straightforward, and sales reps could not cross-sell or up-sell the company’s list of 400+ products accurately. That resulted in large amounts of revenue leakage.

Previous tools deployed to fix these problems were difficult to implement and did not create revenue impact. 

Overall, it was difficult for Asure to keep pace with the changes in their process and pricing.

The Solution:

Accelerate the Digital Transformation with DealHub’s next-generation CPQ Technology

To accelerate the digital transformation of their sales workflow, Asure chose DealHub’s next-generation CPQ and DealRoom technology. This allows the company to gain the speed and efficiency it needed to meet each of its challenges:

  • DealRoom gives Asure a single platform for all of its sales technologies so it doesn’t need to use separate CPQ, document generation, and eSignature platforms. This frees them from having to use tools that don’t work together, which increases speed and reduces admin work.
  • DealHub CPQ converts Asure’s existing quote generation process into a series of questions for sales reps to respond to. That eliminates revenue leakage by ensuring quotes have the right products, and the right pricing, every time.
  • DealHub is designed for business users. Implementation requires no special technical training, and it can be configured without code. It natively interacts with Salesforce CRM, requires no IT resources, and is entirely user configurable.

“That is our experience with DealHub–an amazing application that has totally changed the game…that’s our story. An amazing journey, huge improvement, and one of the most innovative applications I’ve ever implemented.”

Bruce Harris – Director IT & Enterprise Business Applications

The Results

By modernizing its cash to quote processes with DealHub CPQ and DealRoom’s cutting-edge sales enablement technology, Asure was able to measure huge actual revenue impact:

In fact, Asure nearly tripled its ROI within six months and realized several millions of dollars worth of benefits.

Overall, DealHub’s innovative technology had a huge impact, increasing Asure’s net cash inflows 100%.

DealHub’s innovative guided selling playbooks resulted in an 85% reduction in sales rep training, while simultaneously eliminating revenue leakage by completely automating discounting rules, product pricing, and approval authorizations.

Asure was also able to streamline their quote generation process and greatly simplify their onboarding processes, reducing sales training by 85% and increasing sales rep productivity by 20%.

And by modernizing its approach, Asure was able to achieve all of this at an implementation cost 1/100 the estimated amount for other CPQ tools, and was able to get up and running in under six weeks.

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